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You are VERY welcome.

Logic is a great DAW. FL Studio as well. The trick to really see success in your beatmaking (and music production) is just sticking to one DAW.

Most DAWs are all very similar nowadays, but since I’ve stumbled on FL Studio first (and use Windows), I’m REALLY happy with FL Studio, and never feel hindered 🙂

I hope you have been learning with my courses. Keep feeling free to use the questions area here!!!

I also want to leave a video about “What is FL Studio”, because many people often think one DAW is better than another. It’s simply a bad way to look at things, and will really slow down one’s learning.

The trick is to stick to ONE DAW (doesn’t matter what DAW… for the most part). They can all make beats and record. It all comes down to the end user!!

I share many of these core principles that music producers must know in my FREE 5 Keys Book!

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