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I promise you will not be disappointed with FL Studio. Every DAW has a different way of doing things. But not every DAW has someone who knows everything to teach you and help you master it to it’s greatest potential. This is where Riley comes in. I came from using Cakewalk and Pro Tools First, have Ableton and Cubase also, and now that I found GratuiTous, everything has started to come together as well as I understand why he picked FL as the DAW to teach about. I come from a background of a lot of live instrument recording(loads of guitar and such!) And Riley has made FL Studio SOOO much better than I ever expected. I also have the All Plugins Bundle and I promise you that you won’t find a complete package nearly as good as FL. you can message anytime about certain plugins but I’m sure Riley has me all beat (pun)! If you start with the FL Studio Beginners course that will cover a LOT of what you need to get started. More than YouTube, Google, etc. Also look into “A specific Music Production Folder” course sooner than later. It will save you SOO MUCH time and effort if you check that out before saving projects. Long story short(too late) you will love FL once you learn it and since you are learning from GratuiTous, it will be very soon when you realize this!