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Hiya Chris!
I’d say definitely agree with what has been said by everyone.
The main points I’d say are:
1 try not to switch to another DAW as this will cost more money ….unless you have a lot.
– you’ll save a ton of money following advice from Riley seriously.
He will be able to tell you what software is needed therefore not doubling up on different plugins (VST format for FL Studio.
-you’ll save even more money now you have purchased FL all plugins as it has free lifetime updates.

– Most important: learn how to update FL and backup everything too so as not to lose your license (updates required quite regularly).
Also what Michael says about pathways.. if you ever do become a producer for a hobby or indeed a living -you’ll get there must faster with the knowledge of Riley who knows the path -using pathways is great and it compiles together all the courses you purchase (or monthly membership fee), into an bunch of sections based on beginner intermediate and advanced.
Take care and be happy!

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