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GratuiTous Join Platform!

Hey Chris, thank-you so much for becoming a member.. it means a lot!

First, I would say slow it down because music is not something learned over night.. it takes YEARS to see real improvement.

Every DAW is essentially the same, with minor differences (except for DAWs like Pro Tools for example), so be sure to understand that. A DAW is just a place to make the beat, and the problem for most people, is they do not know how to make a beat, and blame the DAW for it!

Each DAW has its own workflow, and yes, it will take time to learn that DAW. But again, at the end of the day, we are simply programming MIDI notes to create melodies, and create a beat.. no matter what DAW we use!

I personally suggest the Signature Edition of FL Studio (but the All Plugins you got a good deal on!):
What Version of FL Studio to Buy?

Next, be sure to follow my COURSE PATHWAYS page. Being a member, you can watch each course in order, and get the best learning experience, in the fastest time possible.. (the videos are short and to the point, and will teach you the core fundamentals, rather than having to search around everywhere):
Visit Course Pathways Page (Members Gain Unrestricted Access!)

I would HIGHLY recommend a mouse when using a DAW for workflow, speed, and accuracy.. and there are many affordable number pads on Amazon, which definitely improves the FL Studio workflow (I even have a course on it inside the platform!)

As mentioned, take it one day at a time here.. I promise you my platform will teach you the core fundamentals if you stick with it!

FL Studio gives an amazing workflow, and is by far the best deal in the music production world with their lifetime free updates.

Here is Image-Line’s article on reselling. (If you truly want to make beats, FL Studio is an amazing choice, and you will not be disappointed.. It’s the only program I use and recommend.. I’ve been using it for over 10 years!)

Now that you are a member, I am here to help!

Follow the course pathways page, start from the beginner’s section, and within 2-3 months you will see great improvement like many of my other students!

Hope that helps and brings encouragement!