Reply To: Any Midi Keyboard and external hard drive recommendations?


Yes, that M-Audio Oxygen Pro is a good purchase for a MIDI Keyboard in FL Studio.

Honestly, any SSD you give will be a huge improvement over a HDD (regular disk hard drive).. so you will not go wrong.

It does sound like it’s a “quick fix”.. I’d honestly say go with a regular HDD external for your sounds, and when you upgrade later-on, you can get an SSD.. you won’t see much improvement unless it’s on your main drive (like booting up windows, loading programs, etc.)

For a hub.. I’d say make sure to get a 3.0 USB one.. and just be cautious on how many ports it has (I’d say 3-4 is a good number).. and think about the type of equipment plugging into it..

I’d assume an external hard drive would draw more power than a MIDI Keyboard..

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