Reply To: Any Midi Keyboard and external hard drive recommendations?

james holley

Wow that Oxygen Pro has everything I need so I will be getting it pretty soon! I was debating the Alesis V49 but that doesn’t have near the amount of features as the Oxygen. I’m glad I am getting an expert opinion because I’m still new to this. Until Feb. Of this year I didn’t even know what a DAW was so I still have a bit to learn. Computer-wise I have a ASUS Predator laptop at the moment. I am saving up to build something better Though. When that time comes, I will reference your video on building a good music production computer. I just have a $30 Toshiba 1TB HHD external hard drive at the moment. It was all I could afford at the time. But I need something faster and with more space. The Samsung T5 isn’t cheap but I have heard it’s pretty good but wanted your input on it. I am VERY glad I asked about the MIDI keyboard because that Oxygen seems way better than what I would have gotten if I hadnt asked. Thank you for your quick reply!

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