Reply To: I don’t understand user data folder and data folder.


Hey Eugene!

So I break this down step-by-step in my custom music folder for producer’s course, it’s called A Specific Music Production Folder:

A Specific Music Production Folder

But essentially.. yes, you want to create a new folder for every project you work on, and put that inside your OWN music folder..

In terms of FL Studio’s user data folder, I never use them, as they have changed locations/structure in later years, so I’ve found it’s safest just to have your own folder set up the way I show in that course, so that when it comes to organization, you know exactly where everything is!

Also.. you will significantly decrease against missing files if you ever upgrade to a new computer/hard drive..

I’d watch that course before moving too far into music production, as it will set you off right from the beginning, and you can just focus on making music 😉

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