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When I started I juggled around Cubase, Ableton, and FL Studio.

I first started with FL Studio, then kept reading on forums about how FL “sucked”.

So I tried different DAWs only to realize I’m wasting so much time trying to learn the DAW rather than actually learn to produce.

After a short time of trying those other DAWs out, I went back to FL and haven’t stopped using it since!

I really like the workflow of FL Studio and how most things are handled. It’s pretty simple for the most part – all DAWs will have their quirks.

But FL’s creators (Image-Line) are really cool, they are a smaller team and really active on forums. When they release betas they actually listen to users and implement new features. (Lifetime free updates too)

I’ve even had one of my suggestions included in a new release!

I’m really happy with FL for myself.

At the end of the day all DAWs are the same for the most part, they just go about doing that task differently.

For workflow, FL is known for its ease of use.

For the FL Studio version, I’d suggest Signature:

The Fruity edition is restricted in terms of use, the Producer edition gives you no restrictions to the program at all but doesn’t include some powerful tools (VSTs/effects), and signature is not too much more, and includes these tools.

Again, since FL Studio has free lifetime updates, you pay once and you’re good to go.

(As you probably know, other DAW major updates can be $150+!)

Let me know if you got questions still!

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