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Replace the None Option to Delete VSTs in FL Studio

Have you happened to delete your None file, and now you’re not able to delete any plugins! (It leaves you feeling hopeless for a few seconds, lol!)

Haha.. yes, I’ve done it to! With the release of FL Studio 12, and the new way of organizing plugins, there’s a bit of a learning curve!

So in this post, we’ll quickly learn how to fix that, allowing you to remove your VSTs again! (Included below is a download to the none files.)

Okay, so in case you have deleted your own None files, all you have to do is put them in their proper place. (Explained below)

Download None Files

Where to Place None Files to Delete VSTs

First download the files above.

Next, head to where FL Studio keeps these plugin files.

Currently as of FL Studio 12.2:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Image-Line\FL Studio 12\Data\Patches\Plugin database\

So how this works is there’s an Installed folder. Think of these are your permanent files, you do not want to delete these.

Any new effects (EQ’s, reverbs, compressors etc.) or generators (instruments, synths etc.) are stored in their respective effects/generators folder, inside of Installed.

So Installed is not where we want to be. We’ll be working in both the Effects and Generators folders.


The download above contains three files.

Simply drag all three files into both the effects folder and generator folder:

  • (none).fst
  • (none).nfo
  • (none).png

So yes, do this twice. Drag all three files into the effects folder, then again, drag all three files into the generator folder.

You should now see you have the option to delete VSTs with the (none) label once again!

Done !

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