Mixing practice

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    Would anybody be interested in mixing simple beats for practice? For example, I could upload a very basic version of this Travis Scott Yosemite remake https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INTe9EjA1mo

    I would change the instrument sounds to something more bland so we are forced to use reverb and other techniques to get width and depth. We would practice getting it loud as well.

    After we’ve created our mix, we would upload the flp so we compare and learn from each other.

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    Thanks for becoming a member, Dean!

    Let’s see what the community comes back with.

    If you’d ever like feedback on your own stuff, just create a new post with a link to the beat (upload it to something like soundcloud)!


    I’d be open to this, but maybe our own songs. take turns.

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    You guys let me know.

    I’ve been getting a couple questions lately about mixing.

    Maybe I could create a course or a little starter package to get you guys going.

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