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Group Lessons


1 Ticket to the Weekly Beatmaking Group Lesson!

It runs every Thursday @ 1 PM PST !

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How The Group Lessons Work:

There are 10 spots available each session.

When you book, you are provided a link to the Zoom Meeting room!

The first 10 minutes we say hello, and get to know everyone quickly.  We then run for a good 45 minutes on the main session, then wrap with any questions we can fit in.

What Do I Need To Participate?

You need to be at least 18 years old, and sign the agreement in order to participate.  (It will be emailed to you immediately after booking!)

Click here to see the agreement beforehand.

What Equipment Do I Need?

You must wear headphones or earbuds.

If you don’t, your voice will be echoy, and is not fair to everyone listening.

Online voice chat is already low audio quality, let’s make the best experience here!

What Do We Cover In a Group Lesson?

Anything music production related, while using FL Studio!

I will start off with a general topic for that session, but depending on your questions, we can change topics, if that’s what the group wants for that session!

If we do change, I can launch a voting poll, or just do the simple “thumbs up, or thumbs down” approach..

My Timezone:

I am west/pacific time.  (Los Angeles Time).

Sessions are EVERY THURSDAY @ 1 PM PST.

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Group Lessons


GratuiTous - Group Lessons
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