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Compression and EQ Course Bundle


Learn how to use both EQ and Compression from a beatmaker’s perspective.

Tremendously gain more control over your melodies, sound design, and mixing/mastering.

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Here's Everything You Get:

Why Do We Producers Use Audio Compression

Compression is probably the LAST thing you'll learn.
Once you "think you learn it", is when it just begins.


How to Use EQ Effectively in Your Songs

EQ is going to be used in EVERY song.
It's important you learn it, and how to test!


EQ and Compression are a beatmaker’s most important tools.

Once a beat is made, we producers use EQ and Compression more than any other plugin to process our audio!

I share all of my knowledge that I have learned over my many years of producing beats regarding EQ and Compression.

Over 5 hours of video content, and 47 videos!!!!

Compression and EQ Course Bundle



FL Studio Compression Course and EQ Course Bundle

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