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Beginner's Bundle [Ultimate FL Studio Starter Kit]


Note – Dog not included 🤣

If you are serious about learning FL Studio, here is a bundle I put together with big savings.

You Will Receive:

  • FL Studio Beginner’s Book
  • FL Studio Beginner’s Course
  • FL Studio Ultimate Template Creation Guide Book
  • 10 Steps To Become an FL Studio Pro
  • Essential Gear Needed To Make Beats
  • A Specific Music Production Folder
  • How to Use a MIDI Keyboard as a Beatmaker
  • How to Use an Audio Interface as a Beatmaker

Here's Everything You Get:

FL Studio 20 Beginner Book

My FL Studio Beginner Book will teach you all you need to know to get up and running!

Not only will you learn how to use FL Studio, but you will learn industry secrets of how to become a good music producer, and train yourself to make better beats.


FL Studio 20 Beginner Course

Learn FL Studio for Beginners in my BEST-SELLING course!

Discover all the must-know fundamentals of music production to quickly grasp the concepts of making beats.

Everything applies to FL Studio, and gives a great overview of the main aspects you must understand to become a good music producer in this industry!

Contains 20 videos.. and 4.25 Hours long.

Watch at your own pace any time!


10 Steps to Become an FL Studio Pro

Discover each step of the music production process, all inside of FL Studio. (Drum loops, melodies, arrangement, mixing/mastering process.)


FL Studio Ultimate Template Creation Guide: Learn how to create a growing template that saves you time, and keeps you focused on your music

You always hear that "creating a template in FL Studio" will save you so much time!

It's true!  It does!

However.. there is also a downside to a template.. it can become "bloated".

This book will teach you the difference between a good and bad decision to add to your FL Studio template, as I tell you about my "growing template" that has continually evolved with me through my 10+ years of using FL Studio.


A Specific Music Production Folder

Want to make sure your music is safe forever?
After about 8 years.. I figured out a solid music folder!


Essential Gear Needed to Make Beats

This course will save you money.
Purchase the right gear for FL Studio.


How to Use a MIDI Keyboard as a Beatmaker

Learn what midi keyboard to buy for FL Studio, and how to use it properly.


How to Use an Audio Interface as a Beatmaker

Use Your Audio Interface Properly in FL Studio


Purchase GratuiTous’ FL Studio Beginner Bundle to learn FL Studio fast, properly, and affordably.

I have included my best-selling FL Studio beginner course, and my FL Studio 20 Beginner book, which has been very helpful to new students.  (I also bundled my “how to create a template in FL Studio” book, too.. very useful!)

There is also an advanced FL Studio course called 10 Steps to Become An FL Studio Pro which walks you through the whole process of the music production.  This includes basic music theory and making a beat from scratch in FL Studio, to how to arrange a beat, to how to mix and master your song!

I threw in some more bonus courses, like the music production gear course (you’ll save money by purchasing the right gear!), as well as the MIDI Keyboard and Audio Interface courses, which teach you how to use the music production equipment.

This is a perfect way for FL Studio beginners to learn music production fundamentals.

Beginner's Bundle [Ultimate FL Studio Starter Kit]



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