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Piano Lessons With GratuiTous Vol. 2

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Free Piano Lessons,

So here we are with round 2 of Piano Lessons with GratuiTous !

While creating beats, is piano important? I’d say yes, it is very important, but obviously, depending on what type of beat you want to make. Do you want to create those beautiful piano pieces, or do you just make sampled hip-hop beats? Check out Piano vs. Sampling.

Knowing how to play piano allows you to express what you truly are trying to get across in your music. Also, knowing the piano allows for quick improvisation within your beats.

Improvising on the Piano,

My goal behind the piano lessons is to make you improvise on the piano. It really is just a matter of learning your scales, and you can take off from there. Yes, there are techniques such as arpeggios, and things you can do with your left hand to fill in your piano parts, but learning your scales is the foundation; without it, there’s no improvisation!

Improvisation will only come with practice, but since I’ve taught on the key of D in this video, you now know what notes are in that Key of D; practice and improvise away!

I Don’t Find Practicing Piano Fun..

If you are getting bored while practicing, it’s probably for a few reasons.

One main reason, I feel that dampens practicing is, not knowing good chord progressions. Once I find a chord progression that is catchy, it really makes piano playing that much more exciting.

Also, learning tricks with your left hand while playing the piano adds huge impact to your piano playing excitement, and sound!

How Many Chords Do I Need in My Beat?

Personally, I usually go for at least three to four chords.. However, it can be as simply as just one or two chords. It really is what suites the song. Don’t feel, “Just cause other people have tons you have to have tons!”.

So, once you have found a chord progression that you like, for example,


Do Chords Have to Be the Same as the Bassline?

Another trick to give your piano playing a different sound is playing a different chord over a different bass note. For example, play a D chord in your right hand, but play a A chord in the left!

You can also try to play the chord in different inversions! This gives the chord a higher note sound, yet.. it’s still the same chord! Sometimes in a beat, you just feel the chord needs to be up in pitch.. but no other chord is working! An inversion may be your answer!

And don’t forget, if you get stuck, trying creating new rhythms! 1-2-3-4, or that syncopation I was talking about. Also playing a couple notes soft, then one loud can have a big impact on your song!

Piano Lessons Round 2 — Conclusion,

If you are struggling in a certain area, ask your question in the comments. This may bring on a Piano Lessons with GratuiTous Vol. 3 ;).

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Written by GratuiTous

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