Piano for Beatmakers Email Series

Hey everyone! - I used to offer a free version of this piano course, but it's now included in my membership

It's only $10/month - this couse has amazing reviews from students!

Piano for Beatmakers and Producers

Here's a little teaser of the course:

In my early years of producing, I was asked a life-changing question:

"Do you know how to play piano? ..Cause a lot of the big names do"

That's when I decided to take this craft seriously.

Piano and music theory are at the heart of our original compositions, and if you're lacking in this area, your productions will only go so far.

After many years of practicing the piano as a beatmaker, I realized we play the piano differently than a classical piano player. We also have digital tools at our disposal that save us time to focus on our craft.

So, I decided to release a piano course specifically for beatmakers.

I share what a beatmaker needs to learn about the piano and how a beatmaker should actually be practicing the piano. (The course about took 2 months to create, fine-tune, and release publicly.)

That's cheaper than a music lesson with a piano teacher.

Plus, I'm teaching you from an actual beatmaker's perspective. Not classical boring music theory! 🙄