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Piano for Beatmakers Email Series

In my early years of producing, I was asked a life-changing question:

"Do you know how to play piano? ..Cause a lot of the big names do"

That's when I decided to take this craft seriously.

Piano and music theory are at the heart of our original compositions, and if you're lacking in this area, your productions will only go so far.

After many years of practicing the piano as a beatmaker, I realized we play the piano differently than a classical piano player. We also have digital tools at our disposal that save us time to focus on our craft.

So, I decided to release a piano course specifically for beatmakers.

I share what a beatmaker needs to learn about the piano and how a beatmaker should actually be practicing the piano. (The course about took 2 months to create, fine-tune, and release publicly.)

So here's my offer to you if you purchase the course:

  • If you leave a review, you get 50% back.
  • If you didn't like the course, I offer a 30 Day Refund Policy!

That's cheaper than a music lesson with a piano teacher.

Plus, I'm teaching you from an actual beatmaker's perspective. Not classical boring music theory! 🙄

Don't worry, I don't leave you hanging and make you have to purchase the course. The email series contains the basics to open your eyes and get you going.

Cause let's face it, practicing is boring. Also, if we beatmakers play the piano differently than a classical piano player, why should we learn like them, too?

I truly hope this email series helps you out. Don't forget about my 50% money back deal if you leave a review.

And again, this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the knowledge you'd receive in the full course.

Who am I? - I'm GratuiTous. I've worked with a GRAMMY nominated artist, ran a popular music blog called Beatstruggles.com, and managed a premium sound kit site called SoundPackFlyer.com

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