My Offer:

Like I said before.. practicing is boring.

Especially classical piano practice ?

Also, as a beatmaker, you have to put yourself in an environment where you’d actually use the skills you’re practicing.

So here are some super helpful tips I use to put myself in that environment, make myself want to practice, and see results when applying this to the real-world:

  • Add on effects + release (Already mentioned in our first few emails!)
  • Play over top of drum loops!
  • Don’t just practice with a piano (practice playing with your synths too, as that’s what you’ll be using most often!)

And that’s it for our emails.

But like I said.. this really is just the tip of the iceberg.

In the Piano for Beatmakers course I cover so many aspects of the piano and music theory that are golden nuggets.

Things like how to play with both your right and left hand, different uses of arpeggios, how to powerfully use inversions and thinking in terms of sound selection/placement, and understanding how to build the chord progressions you’re looking for.

I also teach you how to play one of my songs on the piano where you can see how I’ve applied many of the techniques I cover with you in the course!

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Go to Piano for Beatmakers product page

That’s cheaper than a single music lesson you’d take with a piano teacher.

Plus, I’m teaching you from an actual beatmaker’s perspective. Not classical boring music theory!

I hope this has helped you, but again, this is just the beginning of the knowledge!

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