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Lesson number three in our Piano for Beatmakers email series.

This time I want to share with you a golden nugget I’ve discovered when struggling to practice the piano.

As you already read in the email, my discovery was simply to add on effects and release.

Here’s the reasoning:

When a sound is dry or short sounding, it makes me feel like the sound isn’t full enough or it’s just lacking something.

So when adding on reverb and delay, it instantly adds length and ambience to the sound!

This allows me to focus on finding powerful chord progressions rather than worrying about my lack of fullness in my choice of chords and notes!

Cause like I was saying in our email..

When you’re newish at something, confidence is a huge part of wanting to learn and retaining crazy amounts of ambition!

And as you’ll see in the video, the release knob is another tool we can use to add length to our sound.

Whenever you lift your finger off the note, release determines how long that sound will play until silence.

And to repeat my bonus tip:

If you’re playing on a real piano, you can hold down the sustain pedal while you’re learning. This will keep the notes longer in length and keep confidence levels high!

(This is not how you’re actually supposed to use a sustain pedal, but when learning, it’s a great way to build confidence – as I’ve learnt from first-hand experience!)

If it helps your confidence, leave a comment! 😉

So that’s another piano tip for beatmakers which came from my Piano for Beatmakers course.

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