Hey, GratuiTous here!

The Punchline,

Let me give you the punchline before getting into this okay?

In my first few years of producing music, I had a friend ask me something..

“Do you know how to play piano? ..Cause a lot of the big names know how to play”.

That’s when I thought to myself..

“Am I really serious about making music, or am I just trying to find random notes to hit to create my beats.”

I decided to take this craft seriously.

I went out and took a few piano lessons and had my eyes opened to how keys and scales work.

From there, it was up to me to practice!

A little background on my piano/music theory:

My mom actually put me in piano lessons as a kid.

From about 5-7 years old, I learned how to read music and play simple piano songs out of piano books my teacher would make me learn and practice.

But I thought this was so boring. And honestly, today, when people talk to me about playing the piano, I tell them, “You want to learn how to improvise on the piano. This is what makes playing a piano fun!”

As a producer, why do you want to play someone else’s song?

Sure, you can learn stuff from it, but the more you can separate yourself and create your own sound/style, the more original you’ll be as a producer.

You can learn the piano with my course called Piano for Beatmakers.

Over my years I’ve discovered some amazing tips about the piano which have really helped me in my productions, and in this course, I pass these on to you!

(The course took me about 2 months to create, edit, and fine-tune!)

Remember, we’re producers, not classical piano players.

We play the piano differently, and our end result is different, too.

I’m not going to leave you hanging if you don’t purchase the course, though; I’ll feed you the basics, but you just won’t get the amazing tips I’ve discovered over the years.

Everything from finding awesome chord progressions to improvising on the piano and playing fluently with both your left and right hand, all the way to how we should be thinking about the piano and our productions as a beatmaker.

I hope my offer is enough incentive for you to purchase the course.

The current reviews have been awesome, and I know the course will help you and your productions just as much 😉

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