Piano for Beatmakers and Producers Course

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The most common feedback I receive from students is: “My courses are so easy to understand.”

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The biggest realization you’ll have from taking this course is we producers use the piano differently than a classical piano player.

Therefore, we must learn the piano as a beatmaker.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction
    • Course Introduction
    • Two Real-World Examples of Beats Created with Piano
  • Making Practicing Enjoyable
    • Before Practicing (How to Set Yourself Up to Enjoy Piano!)
  • How a Piano Works [Music Theory Overview]
    • Octaves
    • Keys and Scales
    • How Chords Work (Major + Minor)
    • C Major Scale Breakdown/Walkthrough
    • C Minor Scale Breakdown/Walkthrough
    • Note Names (Degrees)
    • Counting Beats for Piano Playing + Beatmaking
    • Using Inversions from a Creative Standpoint
    • Arpeggios
    • Some Advanced Chords to Give you Ideas
  • How to Actually Play and Improvise on a Piano
    • Chords We Will Be Using
    • Different Timings you Can Use
    • Bouncing Around with the Right Hand [Improvisation Starts!]
    • How to use your Left Hand [Left-Hand Techniques]
    • Play Both Right + Left Hands Together – Learn a Song to Practice!
    • Keeping Chord Progressions Fresh for your Listener
    • Different Rhythms to Give You Ideas
    • How to Find New Chord Progressions and Practice Them
  • Tips for Staying Motivated to Practice Piano
  • Conclusion

Piano for Beatmakers and Producers - course review

Fantastic course. I had a hunch that trying to learn to play classic piano wasn’t really going to help me produce. This course solidified that and I’m now on my way to actually making great music. I highly recommend this course.


– Chad Fox [Student from My Udemy Course]

What Are You Waiting For? 

Can I just be real for a minute?  My goal of this course is to help you learn piano.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with my course, you can request a full refund within 30 days!

You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Remember, the first three days are only $1.  From then on, it’s only $10/month and you’ll gain access to this piano course, plus my other premium music production courses.

The most common feedback I receive from students is: “My courses are so easy to understand.”