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Percussion Loop Tips

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Percussion loops are probably my favorite thing about making beats; there’s just something about them!

The Video,

List of Tips on Percussion Loops

However, they can be quite tricky if you don’t have tricks to try as you’re creating!

Here’s a few pointers I’d like to mention when I create my own percussion loops:

  • Find sounds that work well together, and suite the song – This is a crucial step to creating catchy percussion loops. Take your time when choosing sounds, and if you don’t like the sound, just replace it. The loop you’ve created, like the actual placement of the notes, may be fine! – It may just be the type of sound you’re using! From time to time, I choose sounds that have a pitch up and a pitch down sound, which makes creating little melodies in the loop much easier!
  • Knowing where to place your sounds – First beat, second beat, in between the beats (every two steps) — See video for more info
  • Turning the volume down on the percussion hit can make it blend a lot nicer – When it’s too loud, it can sound obtrusive, and make you feel that your track is embarrassing! – But when dialing down the volume, you’ll quickly get a different feel for you loop – that it might actual suite the song, and blend nicely!
  • Having High Quality Percussion – Whenever I purchase or am given a sound kit for review purposes.. Percussion is the hit or miss factor for me. This is what allows me to create cool beats on the fly. (Get high quality percussion here)

The list above pretty much says it all for percussion on my end.

Creating random loops is something that I guess makes my music unique – that’s the way to do it right?

Send Channels for MAJOR EFFECTS

When you end up getting stuck with your percussion loops, try creating a send so you can add effects in the background. It adds huge weight to your track, filling up empty gaps/spaces in the background.

Once you get into some automation with the EQ I showed in the video, it starts to get catchy. As you go up to the higher frequencies on the EQ, it’s essentially going up in pitch.

Just like I did with the different percussion hits with the different pitches, you can use the automation on the EQ to create different pitches at different times of the song! – That alone can give you endless attempts of creativity!

But, I think you’d like this tutorial on creating sub-groups, sends, and parallel compression. It’s something essential to push your productions to a professional level.

Also, if you want to jump on some high quality percussion sounds, check out Xclusive-Audio’s bundle on SoundPackFlyer!

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