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Pablo Beats Vol. 2 – REVIEW – Direct Wave and Kontakt Versions

Looking for an “All-In-One” kit?

Pablo Beats Vol. 2 offers huge bang for buck!

This kit includes over 2.4 GB’s of sounds (took me over 10-15 minutes just to download), plus comes with VST sounds for either Direct wave or Kontakt!

I’ll tell you right now, the VST instruments were very impressively sound designed!

Pablo Beats Vol. 2 VST presets,

For real, I was very happy with the instrument section of this kit.  The majority of the sounds were captured fantastically,  plus there’s a lot of random cool sounds to throw in here and there!

Especially for this kit being a bit lower in price than other kits, the customer gets huge bang for buck!

Pablo Beats Vol. 2 (1) - Clipped

As you heard in the video the VST sounds come from pianos, to some awesome horns, pizzicato, choir voices, guitars.. everything and the kitchen sink! 😉

Alone, most companies would sell the VST part for about $40!

Pablo Beats Vol. 2 Drums,

The drums had lots of variety, but I felt they were really missing that “punch”; not all, but definitely a good handful.

Inside the drums though, there were some real cool sounds, especially that Here comes the boom_2.  That one got my sub shaking huge! (Be on the look out for that song, I use that sound in it!).

From here on in, the sound design was definitely a professional at work; the claps, snares, hats, percussion etc.

Pablo Beats Vol. 2 Claps,

Awesome, awesome claps.

When looking for a kit, personally, I always like to get different sounds.  Especially one’s that cut through the mix by them self.  (Layering just adds that little extra on that last hit!).

Some people don’t like sounds “drenched” in reverb, cause you can never get the audio back.  But my thoughts are have a mixture of sounds so as the beatmaker goes through, they have tons of variety to work with; exactly what Pablo has done!

Same for Pablo’s Snares,

Just like the claps, the snares brought some heat in this kit!  Tons of variety, and impressively, some really capturing that crack of the snare!

Got some wet, dry, and random sounds.  A real nice folder to have!

What about the Percussion?

For me personally, percussion is something I have fun with in my beats.  Trying to put together a bunch of random sounds that end up sounding beautiful to our ears!

The percussion in this kit was above average for sure!  I would of liked to see some more sounds to choose from, but the ones provided were all original and high quality;  nothing wrong the percussion in this kit at all!

The Hats were GRRRREEEEAT!

I know hats are just hats, but these hats are nice!

Real clean sounding, and actually some creative tweaks put into them (such as the down pitch cymbal sound).

I feel open hats are really a must to have in a kit.  They add such a difference in drum beats; just one open hat near the end of your drum loop can really spice your loo up! (It keeps the listener waiting for the loop to come back in again).

Vocals / .WAV Sounds,

Vocals are always cool to have laying around; lots of variety with the vocals!

The .WAV sounds are also a cool touch on the kit.  Chop it up and try to throw it over a drum loop;  sometimes these beats can be catchier than playing notes!

Mixer presets?

Pablo providing mixer presets for FL Studio is a real cool touch for those learning and starting up.  Load the presets and try to learn and understand why Pablo set up the preset the way he did.

I guess my only negative on the mixer presets is non-FL Studio plugins were used..  so someone wanting to use the presets without the plugin can’t use them!

Pablo Beats Vol. 2 Overall,

A real nice, solid, versatile kit.  It’s not too often you purchase a kit with both VST sounds and samples!

If these kicks were left a bit more open to work with, this kit was an easy 5/5, so much to work with in this kit; again, beautifully captured VST sounds!

Don’t forget about that discount! — Check out Pablo Beats Vol. 2 @

Reach out with any questions you have, or get started with my FL Studio courses 👉

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