Piano Lessons for Producers

Learn the piano from a beatmaker’s perspective, not a classical player’s perspective.

Best Selling Piano Course for Beatmakers.

Learn Piano as a Beatmaker

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Yes, Teach Me Piano as a PRoducer!

The Problem Beatmakers Face:

Beatmakers play piano differently than classical players.
The same instrument is used, but our end result is different.
A producer’s goal behind a piano is improvisation.
This course will teach you how to improvise on a piano.
I guarantee results, or your money refunded.

IMPORTANT – This piano course is a best-seller that has helped thousands of producers!  It has been totally revamped with brand-new video and audio equipment (as well as practice examples) to teach you piano from a beatmaker’s perspective EVEN FASTER!

Best-Selling Piano Course
For Producers!

28 Videos, 4 Hours Long

There is no prior knowledge of a piano or music theory required to take this course.  You are taught everything from the basics, and from a beatmaker’s point of view!

A Best Selling Course

A totally revamped version of my best selling “Learn Piano for Beatmakers and Producers” course.  Brand-new video and audio equipment were purchased for the ultimate premium course experience.


Learn Faster with Examples

A section was created to interact with the lessons.  Learn about scales, inversions, arpeggios, and how to practice and apply them into your actual beats.  Learn faster in this section!

First, Let Me Play Piano for You.

Is this what you’d like to achieve, eventually?

My favorite piano scale is C Minor Natural.
I just love the way it plays and feels.

You’ll learn to pick your own key and scale to start improvising with.  (And learn how to apply the piano to your beats with real-world examples!)

Does Music Theory Like This Feel Boring?

For clarity and completion of the “How a Piano Works” section of this course, I talked about more in-depth music theory such as the Circle of Fifths and the Circle of Fourths.

You’ll discover, WE DON’T NEED IT AS A BEATMAKER!  Trust me.

Music producers need to learn how to improvise on a piano.

At the end of this video, you’ll see we don’t need this!

Finally, We Make a Beat Together (Using Piano)

You’ll fully understand what is going on inside this video if you’ve watched the previous videos of this course.  You’ll know what notes you’re allowed to play, timings of notes, and different techniques we’ve touched on.

This video is a pretty raw edit, meaning I tried to show my exact workflow when producing music and incorporating the piano.

How to think of melodies, different approaches to take when you get stuck.  This video will all make sense if you enroll!

Loved Reviews !!

Fantastic Course

I had a hunch that trying to learn to play classic piano wasn’t really going to help me produce. This course solidified that and I’m now on my way to actually making great music. I highly recommend this course.

~ Chad Fox: 5/5 Star Review !

It was Definitely Worth It

Overall, it’s a bit basic (maybe since I already study the piano, so I’m probably not in the target audience), but I gained some valuable insights, especially regarding improvisation and finding chord progressions for production, so it was definitely worth it.

~ João Pedro Miiller Bianchini: 4/5 Star Review ~

Pretty Helpful

Instructor is very good at explaining things in a way that is easy to understand for someone who knows very little about music theory or playing instruments.

~ Zane Gray: 5/5 Star Review ~