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On-Stage Mix 400 Mixer Stand Review

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The On-Stage Mix 400 has been a great solution for organization in my home studio. It has taken hardware off my desk, and put it beside me, allowing for a clean desk, and fast workflow.

The On-Stage Mix 400 is also built VERY well. The wheels, knobs, sturdiness, where you actually put the mixer, is VERY well built.

The wheels have stomp downs to hold the wheels in place, not allowing the mixer stand to move unless they are released.

The size of mixers it fits is very wide. In the product description, I found it difficult to understand if my Mackie Control was going to fit or not.. I took a chance, and when I received both the stand and the Mackie Control, it fits GREAT, with even more room to spare for bigger sized mixers.

On-Stage Mix 400 sizes — Width — Largest: 22 1/8″ / Smallest: 15 1/4″

Easy to Assemble,

On-Stage Mix 400 Mixer Stand Review

The On-Stage Mix 400 was really just a plug and play kind of mixer stand which really holds it’s own when it comes to sturdiness and strength.

Quality Parts,

All parts are definitely not cheap, especially for the price of the stand! (About $150 USD, I got it for about $90 CAD from Axemusic.com)

The knob which tightens that shaft is very well made.  Doesn’t feel like a cheap knob, and it tightens that shaft without really having to crank the knob.  The shaft stays tight until you want to move it. (Which is a good thing — having things always slide down, or not holding is probably one of the most annoying things you can have in a product!).

Tons of Flexibility,

There is tons of flexibility on how you want to position your hardware inside the stand, and an incredible amount of tilt!

The Mixer stand itself provides a lot of height as well, whether you are standing, or sitting in a chair.

Also, a pin is provided to keep the bar in place. This is an awesome idea, for that “just in case” something happens!

One Negative — That is More “Fear” than Anything,

On-Stage Mix 400 - Animation Weld

The only con that I could find on this mixer stand, is the welding job where the hardware actually sits.

I feel the weld could have been all the way across, rather than just 2 quick spots. (See image).

But overall, the whole build is solid, and supplies all the features you need to hold your mixer, swivel it around smoothly, and focus on what you are trying to achieve; a good sounding mix ;).

On-Stage Mix400 Does the Job Well!

On-Stage Mix 400

I’ve been very happy with the mixer stand. It fits my Mackie Control very well, the wheels slide very nicely, the overall build is very sturdy, plus the stand can go pretty high!

I usually don’t need it very high as I am sitting while I’m mixing, but the option’s there!

I feel the price of the mixer stand fairly matches what On Stage Stands is asking for.

Mackie Control  - Logic Control (8)

It’s a solid stand that does what it’s supposed to do, and does it very well.

I really only have good things to say about this mixer stand.  I’m very happy with it.

It’s really cleared up my production area by not having to “cram things on my desk”, and makes my home studio look that much more professional!

Looking for a mixer stand?

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