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Numark TTXUSB Turntable REVIEW

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Are you Looking for Tips on Sampling?

Here’s some tips and videos on sampling!

Way too Good for “Just Sampling”

When beginning starting up beat making, turntables was a bit of a struggle for me.

Do I get direct drive, or belt drive?

My problem was, I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to use the turntable for. I always saw people using turntables scratching, but I also saw people using it to take old songs off of vinyl records and turn them into a beat; other known as sampling.

Then I read that people were saying USB won’t give you good sound quality. But that isn’t true at all. The USB connection even picks up all the vinyl sounds of the record perfectly.

Why the Numark TTXUSB is Too Good Just for “Sampling”,

This turntable is intended for the experienced, and extreme hobbiest DJ/scratcher, obviously with a good needle!

If you are just using the turntable for sampling purposes, you can probably get away with a cheap USB turntable, as that’s all you want to do. Take the audio from your turntable to your computer so you can chop up the loop!

If you are planning on doing some scratching, maybe a turntable in the $200 range might get you started out. But this is honestly overboard unless you have the skills to use something like this!

Numark TTXUSB Accessories/Features,

The turntable has the ability to play to play records backwards, play 78’s, 45’s, and 33’s. Yes, it comes with a filler adapter for the records with bigger holes in the middle. You can pitch up and down with the slider, and the overall construction is VERY well built.

The turntable comes with a slip mat, 2 balance arms, a straight arm and an S-curve arm, a power cable, a USB cable, and software, called EZ Vinyl Tape Converter, to help you record audio off your turntable into your computer!

What About Different Needles?

First, yes the Numark TTXUSB comes with it’s own needle that is more than enough just for sampling purposes.

I wanted to try scratching and didn’t want to wreck the needle that comes with the turntable because of scratching, so I bought the Shure M44-7 needle which is meant for scratching.

I do not scratch at all, I just wanted to try it a couple times. So the purchase was really not necessary at all, I would just go with the standard one that comes with your turntable. (Does the job great, and saves you money you don’t need to spend!).

Numark TTXUSB Connections on Back,

Numark TTXUSB Back

Provided on the back of the Numark TTXUSB is a volume control, which is very nice to have, the power plugin, and the connections. Either USB for computer, or RCA for your mixer! (And a voltage switch depending where you live).

Overall on the Numark TTXUSB,

Unreal turntable, has done me so well since the first day. I found it a bit tricky to attach the needle to the arm of the turntable, eg, putting the Shure M44-7 onto the balance arm. But that’s nothing to do with the turntable itself.

I also like that they also give you both arms, the S-arm and the Straight arm for you to choose what you want. Definitely a bonus!

FOR LOTS OF INFORMATION ON TURNTABLES, WATCH ELLASKINS ON YOUTUBE. When I had no idea what was going on with turntables, this guys videos were the only ones that really made any sense.

Beatstruggles Recommendation,

My Record Brush

I personally feel this turntable is way to over the top just for sampling purposes. Numark has a lower-end version which is perfectly suitable to sample. It’s Numark’s TTUSB.

You can also look into getting record brush to clean the dust off the vinyl, and static sounds out of your recordings.

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