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November 18, 2021 – Website Updates

Hey everyone!

There has been LOTS of preparation and planning to make the upcoming videos, courses, and books easier to create and manage.

Here are a couple things I wanted to share as I have been preparing.

Also, I have updated the website with various plugins, so if you see an issue anywhere, please let me know! 🙂

Improving the Audio for the Courses

The most important thing is to have reliable equipment.

Unfortunately, my microphone setup was failing me..

I decided to replace and acquire some pieces of equipment (more info coming on that soon).

Sadly.. one piece of equipment failed right out of the box!

So I decided I’ll try to fix one of my old pieces of equipment..

This is the ART VoiceChannel. I replaced the tube, and it seems to be working well now.. (More info in upcoming videos).

Organizing the Studio..

It’s important to think about your studio for how you use it.

I spent a couple days re-organizing my cables and adapters to make sure everything is in its place once everything starts rolling again.

(I have separate bins for RCA, TRS, and XLR stuff.. as well as various other odds and ends which come in handy)

I also wanted to share that if you ever find a bad cable in your studio, or a bad piece of equipment, it is important to remove it right away. You want to isolate it, test it one more time, and if it doesn’t work, either fix it, or say bye bye to it!

As soon as I was sure this cable was bad, I cut it to make sure it was never allowed back in the studio! (It was intermittent.. and would only make connection if twisting a certain way..)

Testing It All Out

The most tiring but important tasks is actually testing out the equipment.

Does it all work? Do you know the levels different devices should be at?

It all comes down to knowing your equipment.. and that’s what I’ve been doing with this Mackie mixer I purchased many years ago.. (They came out with a version 3.. and sadly, they actually removed a lot of the features on the v2.. sometimes the old things truly are better..)

This is an amazing mixer! Mackie’s new V3 of the “ProFX” line was a step back in my opinion to their V2.. this thing allows TONS of flexibility.. more info to come..

The reason I have been playing with a mixer is to prepare for THE MELODY MINUTE.. here’s an image I quickly sketched to help me plan how to connect everything…

THE MELODY MINUTE preparation sketch..

Preparing for Future Courses + Content

Lots going on in the backend here..

I will be releasing a video to my Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol A49 review soon.

Please make sure to take advantage of my FL Studio courses for the time being to truly learn how to make beats in FL Studio for yourself.

Stay tuned!



GratuiTous is an artist and producer for the name of Jesus. He has many FL Studio Courses, and many BEAT TAPES and ALBUMS! In 2020 he became a Recognized FL Studio Trainer, and was previously an electrician for 10 years in Canada! Learn more..

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