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New YouTube Series Will Be coming Before the end of November!

After some careful planning.. I decided my new YouTube launch will consist of 3 new series…

  • The Lounge Chair Sessions – Where we will discuss more in-depth audio stuff, which take a bit longer to explain.
  • The Drum Corner – These are meant to be quick videos of “showing” how to make a drum loop, rather than teaching. If you have the Xclusive-Audio Drum Bundle TRIO offered on my website, you will learn very well!
  • The Melody Minute – This will be a quick video playing melodies from the Drum Corner’s drum loop. If you’ve taken my Piano Lessons for Producers course, you will be able to follow along much better.

Note, members/customers, you can choose to receive these emails when new videos are released in your account settings.

Below I have attached a screen shot of each series. I am aiming for a launch by the end of November for YouTube.

The Longue Chair Sessions came from the idea of me bringing a recliner into my studio to go through my custom drum kit Xavier @ Xclusive-Audio is making me! (It’s going to be called the Architect Drum Kit). I decided to keep the recliner in here because of how comfy it was.. lol
If you have the Drum Bundle TRIO drum samples, you will be able to follow along and learn lots! It’s meant to be quick, and you can watch me make drum loops.
These videos are quick, and will build off the current Drum Corner video, where we play some melodies over top of the drum loop. Again, if you have taken my Piano Lessons for Producers course, you will be able to comprehend much better.

Thank-you for your patience members.

Things are starting to come together. Again, if you are a member, make sure to take advantage of the Discord server, where myself and other members have come together to chat about FL Studio, and become better producers!

Reach out with any questions you have, or get started with my FL Studio courses 👉

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