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New Website Tweaks Will Be Live Soon! [Feb 14, 2021]

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Over the next couple days, I will be launching the new updates to the website.  Please let me know if you see anything out of place, or not working!

I also wanted to share some upcoming stuff now that a lot of these major tasks are out of the way!

This is the HyperX Keyboard. Notice it has the number pad. For the price, this thing seems solid so far.

Finding a computer keyboard is actually so hard nowadays… I don’t want RGB… I don’t want loud keys.. I don’t want the keys to be different from an original keyboard.. (sometimes they don’t have PRINT SCREEN, or SCROLL LOCK.. it’s not that I use them often, but for education purposes, it’s important to have a keyboard that is similar to what most of you are using!)

I wanted a “simple computer keyboard” for less than $100.. do you know how hard that was to find?

Anyways, this one in the image above seems to be great for the price. It feels a bit small.. but not too noticeable if I were to type an article like this!

Producers Should Use a Gaming Mouse for Precision:

I also upgraded my mouse.. before I was using a Trackball.. but the software started to become buggy. I couldn’t have that in my work environment!

Don’t get me wrong, the track ball was a nice experience.. but a mouse just feels natural, and when doing tutorials/courses, I need to have a mouse feeling second-nature! (You often see these trackballs in music studios, so they don’t have to move around the mouse, they just move the ball!)

These Trackballs are a cool experience, and hard to get used to, but they are precise. This one is the Kensington Expert Trackball Mouse.. I’d probably give it a 4/5 star experience.. the software was becoming buggy in my later time of using it!

So I ended up ordering two new mice.. one for my main studio (where I do courses), and one for my laptop (where I mostly write these articles + content!)

The mouse intended for the studio was WAY too big.. it felt so awkward.. and it was more money!

But the less expensive one, which was intended for my laptop, turned out to be such an amazing little mouse so far..

I ended up returning the main studio mouse I ordered, and I ordered the same laptop mouse for my studio!

This mouse feels great in my hand (medium-to-large hands). It’s the Logitech 203 LIGHTSYNC Gaming Mouse. I’d highly recommend this mouse. It feels very precise, not too heavy (but a good weight), and doesn’t feel like it’s restricting me at all. It has the FORWARD and BACK buttons for good web browsing, and is extremely affordable (unlike a lot of “gaming mouse” out there!)

It’s literally just plug-and-play (I haven’t even installed the software yet.. that would probably give control over the lighting/colors of the mouse.)

SAFE SPOTS Customer Review!

I also received an amazing review to my SAFE SPOTS Book + Course bundle!

SAFE SPOTS is all about creating amazing drum loops in FL Studio!

Thank-you Aeris, your words mean a lot!

The New Website Updates Will Be Going Live!

Anyways, be on the lookout for the new website changes.

There is still lots to do, but this was the main bulk I wanted to get done before launching on YouTube with my 3 series coming up.

I have to work on a section for my own music here soon.

With the new website update, to contact me quickly, you can click my face in the bottom right footer of the website, and a pop-up will appear!

In the bottom right, you can click my face, a pop-up will appear, and then just email me your question!

That’s all for this blog article.

So much going on right now.

I just finished up the SAFE SPOTS book, updated the website quite heavily, and gave the store a revamp.

I will also be closing down the Questions section of the website, as email and Discord seem to be the easiest for everyone. No worries, lots of good stuff coming soon!

If you’d like to start learning FL Studio with GratuiTous, please reach out to him on his contact page, or view his FL Studio courses!



GratuiTous is an artist and producer for the name of Jesus. He has many FL Studio Courses, and many BEAT TAPES and ALBUMS! In 2020 he became a Recognized FL Studio Trainer, and was previously an electrician for 10 years in Canada! Learn more..

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