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New Navigation Bar – Mar 12, 2021

Hey guys!

I have been planning so much behind this website to make it a very easy-to-access resource to learn FL Studio.

I will be coming out with an FL Studio Help Guide section, which I hope to become an on-going growing resource!

Today, I want to share I updated the Navigation Bar at the top of the website. This will allow me to have a simple structure, yet all my information is there for you guys to access!

Once you are logged in, the Top Navigation Bar is how you can now access your courses or downloads!

Did you know how hard it is to think about a solid navigation menu on your website?

I’ve gone through 4-5 in the past year. It was just from being unorganized, honestly.

It’s important you take time to plan your game plan before you actually do it. It will save you much time down the road, and allow you to continue what you want to actually be doing, with great efficiency!

Anyways, that’s all for this website update.

Oh yeah! I’m going to be adding a Reviews tab to the Primary Menu (where Products, Music, and Podcast are), and here’s a quick peek at what that page is going to look like.

I want to start back doing reviews again, just like when I was operating Beatstruggles.com many years back.

These reviews are going to be focused on FL Studio, so you can know if that product works well with FL Studio, and you will enjoy your experience (and valuable time!!!! am I right!?)

Here’s the picture. Talk soon!

I will start by doing some MIDI Keyboard reviews for you guys!
GratuiTous has been educating producers how to use FL Studio since 2012 through his previous website, Beatstruggles.com. He was an electrician for 10 years, and loves to learn and challenge himself to learn best practices! View his FL Studio courses 👉

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