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New Equipment Added To My Course Teaching Studio! [Sept 27, 2020]

Hey guys, I just wanted to give a quick update to behind the scenes of my FL Studio courses.

In my early years, tutorials were simple. I used to use a software called Camtasia.

At the time, it was the industry leader, and it was a huge purchase for me at around a $300 price tag at the time.

But eventually, Camtasia fell short of the industry trends of creating high-quality screen capture recordings.

60FPS is the new standard of getting that smooth buttery feeling to a screen capture, and in my opinion, makes the experience more enjoyable by watching the meters and mouse move smoother.

Back when first starting, I tried to “make use of what I had”, and it got me pretty far, to be honest!

However, and this is the exact reason I upgraded this website to version 2, when you hack things together, or “make do” with what you have, sometimes quality and performance suffers.

I’m happy to say, I am continuing to upgrade equipment strictly to enhance your education purposes.

Here’s a couple things I upgraded to. (And a really cool bonus, I got one of these items free because I used my Amazon gift card from being an Amazon Affiliate!)

On-Screen Keyboard Commands

My new tutorials will now feature a tracker in the bottom left for you to see my keyboard commands!

Yeah.. saying the keyboard shortcuts into the microphone is kind of annoying, as it slows us down for learning! It’s a habit, so I’ll still continue to say them here and there, but at times, this will really speed us up, and help your learning!

Elgato Stream Deck

You see.. to educate on a computer well, you need to have total control over what is shown on the screen.

For example, I don’t need to have my face on screen ALL the time, so when I’m talking, I can press a button which “switches a scene”. Now I can control when my face is shown, when FL Studio is shown, or if we get into the on-screen drawing stuff, I can switch to those scenes really easily now! (You can create any type of combination, so that’s the stuff that really helps me excel as a teacher, and not let the hardware slow me down.)

Here’s a picture of my on-screen drawing technique for teaching FL Studio:

Upgraded to Shuttle Pro V2 of My Shortcut Tool for Video Editing!

If you edit videos, this thing is a must. (Just like FL Studio, there are TONS of keyboard shortcuts in video editing!)

You see, when I create a course, it’s not like it’s just ONE VIDEO. I have to plan these courses ahead of time, record them, then I move onto video editing.

Now this ties into what I said about “making things work with what you have”.

I bought version 1 of this ShuttlePro used to save some money. I discovered later on , version 1 had a bug with Windows 10 when it came to putting your computer to sleep. After you put it to sleep, it’d wake up again a couple minutes later..

That pretty much defeats the purpose of putting a computer to sleep.. right? Lol.

Version 1 also has LESS BUTTONS than Version 2, and seemed a bit buggy through my years.

So I finally upgraded to Version 2.

Notice the missing button on version 1 (grey) and the gross looking cord lol. I’ve been reprogramming all my shortcuts I use into Version 2 (black). You can see the last two aren’t done yet!

If I could describe the amount of work I’m doing behind the scenes to be organized so that once we get things flowing, I will not be unorganized in the future, but flowing with you guys as you’re learning FL Studio with me!

Camera Ball Heads / Good Audio for Video

The last thing I grabbed on this Amazon order was some camera ball heads and a good voice recorder to get high-quality audio, so that I can create a teaching environment anywhere I go!

If you’ve ever tried a camera on a tripod without a ball head, it’s ridiculously hard to get things level/center.

I got these two:

Then I also got the Zoom H1n for my camera audio to teach outside of the studio, too!

(Many years ago I picked up a Zoom H4N, but it’s heavy on top of the camera, and this H1n will have a dedicated purpose of being my microphone on my cameras. The Zoom H4n had great microphones, so I’m hoping the H1n is the same as their older H4n!)

I’m setting myself so we as a community can flow.

Hope you enjoyed this update 🙂

If you’re not yet a member, or have taken my courses, see the courses page.



GratuiTous is an artist and producer for the name of Jesus. He has many FL Studio Courses, and many BEAT TAPES and ALBUMS! In 2020 he became a Recognized FL Studio Trainer, and was previously an electrician for 10 years in Canada! Learn more..

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