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Motorized Faders vs. Manual Sliders on a MIDI Keyboard

M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 - SLIDERS LEFT SIDE

When using manual sliders on a MIDI Keyboard, there is a small dilemma not many people talk about out there in the audio world.

I remember when starting, all I wanted to do was get HANDS-ON with my MIDI Keyboard while mixing my music.. only to realize, most DAWs are not built for this type of integration. (Pro Tools is a DAW that is).

Now, you can set up many things to work effectively with a manual fader in your music inside FL Studio, but if you are wanting to MIX YOUR MUSIC.. then you will sadly find out it’s not really that feasible with how often you’re going back and forth to your mouse.

Manual Sliders on a MIDI Keyboard are 99% of the time not motorized. Yes, you can switch between banks.. so if you have 9 sliders, you can go to the next bank and get 9 brand-new sliders, but what happens is these manual sliders are still in the EXACT SAME SPOT as they previously were before switching banks.

That’s where the Soft-Takeover technology comes in, allowing you to mix volumes on a MIDI Keyboard easily.

If you were to have motorized faders, when you switch banks, the motorized faders automatically adjust these sliders/faders to the exact percentage they are adjusted inside your DAW. (It’s really cool to see!)

Now to finally sum this up, what about your effects? How are you going to access EQs and Compressors from a MIDI Keyboard in FL Studio to get hands-on? I’m sure there is a way, but honestly, I think this is MANY YEARS away (if ever) to be a possibility.

That is why I say, like in my FREE 5 Keys Book, that USING YOUR MOUSE IS THE EASIEST WAY.

Yes, you can use your MIDI Keyboard’s sliders and knobs for certain small tasks to make your life easier (especially if you’ve applied global links for your plugins), which make music making fun and “hands-on”, but my suggestion is just learn how to set up FL Studio to reduce the amount of clicks required to get the job done.. You can learn more in my FL Studio Ultimate Guide to Template Creation Guide.

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