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Monoprice TRS 1/4″ Cables REVIEW

How Do You Plug-in Your Reference Monitor Speakers?

Simply put, with TRS 1/4″ cables, or XLR cables. You can use RCA.. but TRS 1/4″ or XLR is probably the route you want to take.

A TRS 1/4″ cable a little bit bigger than your average headphone jack you would put into an ipod or mp3 player. Headphone jacks are 1/8″ or, 3.5mm.

Where to Purchase TRS 1/4″ Cables that are Affordable,

My first pair of TRS 1/4″ cables were from They were extremely more affordable than what you’d see at local retailers; they were about $4 each, plus shipping!

These are the exact TRS 1/4″ cables I purchased.

Cheap Cables vs. Expensive Cables,

There’s always talk about higher quality cables perform better. Honestly, I haven’t tested high quality cables.. so I can’ give an answer to that. But put it this way. I create beats like this, and albums like this with my $5 cables ;).

For the price of these, the sound is absolutely unreal, and I haven’t had to replace them once! Except, when I purchased a subwoofer and wanted to move around my set up, I needed longer cables.

Helpful Tips When Purchasing Speaker Cables,

Buy longer than what you need! — I’ve moved around my set up a few times.. and each time I was in need of longer cables. So keep this in mind when purchasing; is the next size up that much more expensive?

My TRS 1.4'' Top

A Quick Little Story,

I first purchased the 6Ft cables which were great. Then I bought a sub woofer which needed 4 cords, and I also needed longer cords to reach to the sub! Because the cords go from your Audio Interface -> Subwoofer -> Speakers.

So if you want to put your subwoofer 10 feet away, you’re going to need at least a 10 foot cable going to the sub, and coming back to plug into your speakers, if not 1.5x that on the way back to the speakers!

So keep this in mind so you don’t have the same thing happen to you! I wish I would of bought a 15Ft. cord so I would be able to move my sub anywhere I wanted in my room. (I had to wait for my cables on order before I moved around).

What do TRS 1/4″ Cables Look Like? How Do I Plug Them In?

TRS 1/4″ have 2 rings on it, a TS has only 1 ring.

This video will show you how to plug TRS 1/4″ cables into an audio interface, plus, how to plug-in TRS 1/4″ cables into a reference monitor speaker.


I am so happy I found a site that sells cords for like 3 dollars lol. The performance has been great, and I’ve actually purchased other cords from monoprice as well, such as computer monitor cables.

As I said, it’s always nice having a longer cord. For the cheap price of these cords, and the unreal quality, this cable is a definite 5 star.

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