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So.. Money..

The worlds “Most” important need.

What is money?

Everyone thinks money brings fame, money brings happiness, and most of all.. money brings satisfaction.   But what is real satisfaction?

Have you ever gotten that “thing” that you wanted so badly for so long, and you get it.. and realize.. this is not as good as it was built up to be?

You see, this is because Jesus is the only thing that can satisfy in this world.  When people look to Jesus and He doesn’t give them what they “want” people start to search for other answers.  Other ways to satisfy their lives and be happy.  But then only to realize that what they are searching for, is Jesus Himself.

Christ wants us to be satisfied with what He has given us, the material things of this world, and most important Himself dying on the cross to forgive our sins.

The Bible continually talks about, as you surrender, you will prosper.  I’m not here to try and give you the idea of God being an ATM machine, but that’s what the Bible says.  As you surrender blessings will start to pour out.  So for example, you want to watch the hockey/football game, but your buddy needs help moving at the same time.  You surrender your time by helping your buddy out, and blessings will start to flow.  Because 1.  You did it out of your heart, 2.  You obeyed God’s commands.

The Bible also talks about “The LOVE” of money being the root of all evil.  So money itself is not actually evil, but the love of it is.  Having it as your main source of motivation, getting power from money, and most of all, having pride cause you have more money than others!

It’s really easy to be the person without money, always looking to people with money saying that they are, “stuck up, think they are better, and think they don’t give/share their money”.

So what happens if God Himself has prospered that person because they surrendered their lives to God, always asking Him what He thinks is the best decision.  God wants you to have money, quality, and the best, but “only if you are humble”.  He may give you things just to test you and see where your heart is at.

You know in this life that “you get what you pay for”, a Mercedes-Benz is obviously going to be a better quality vehicle than let’s say a KIA.. lol.  God knows you need these things, and He does want you to have the best, but as you purchase that Mercedes-Benz, what is the motive of your heart.  Are you getting it to feel that “power” on the road cause you have an expensive car, or because you know it’s a quality vehicle that will last you many years?

Money is so important in this world, cause without it, we cannot eat, we cannot have clothes, a house, a car etc.  But one thing more important that money in this world, is God’s commands.

These are the most important things in life, cause they will not only bring you life, they will protect you from the evil in this world, and teach you right from wrong.  When we use our own thoughts of what is “right living”, how can we possibly say what is right from wrong by our own judgments — How many times have you had to learn the hard way from doing it the wrong way first time?

Living for your self, doing your own thing always seems more appealing, but the reason why it seems more appealing is because sin is fun.  Drinking, sex, partying, it’s all fun.  But before you realize it, all that fun catches up to you, and leaves you looking for real satisfaction.  And that is Jesus Himself.

Money can’t satisfy.  Straight up.  Yeah we need money in this world to survive!  To buy your groceries, and most importantly, to survive.  But God wants us to be cheerful givers, and givers from our hearts.

So what is the motive of your heart when it comes to money?

Matthew 10:8

Heal the sick, clense the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils:

freely you have received, freely give.


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