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Mixing without Visuals

In my later years of mixing, I’ve come across a problem.

It’s too much tweaking, and too much thinking with my eyes.

Music gives us emotion whether by hearing or feeling it. It’s rare sight is a factor in regards to music in general!

So.. why do we use plugins with visual indicators telling us what’s going on with our audio?

Mixing with Visuals

Visuals are great. They provide us insight into what are music is actually doing.

But if you ever look at a sound through a frequency analyzer, I’m sure you’ve been influenced by the the results it gave you, whether that been hesitant to boost up mid frequencies, or you boost up the high’s because they are usually lower down in volume compared to the rest of sound’s spectrum.

I know for myself, I’ve been hesitant to boost/cut in the mid area because sounds are usually quite active in the mids. Therefore, the analyzer would show that there’s lots of energy going on, which gives my mind mixed-messages on what to do here, when really, I should close my eyes and boost/cut the frequency to see if it’s the result I want. (Or simply just disable the analyzer’s display.)

Mixing WITHOUT Visuals

This has been my process for the last little bit. I’m liking this approach for a few reasons.

First, I’m actually listening to my music trying to make things fit and stand out.

Second, I’m being more creative because I may be boosting/cutting EQ more than usual. Also with compression, I may be compressing/not-compressing as much as I usually do.

Third, I’m using different plugins which always gives a fresh take on your approach.

Fourth, it makes my mixing a lot more enjoyable in a sense of enjoying what I’m doing, rather than being super technical.

Try it Out!

Hey, I’m not saying to take this approach, but try it out to see if it gives your music making process another level of enjoyment.

Enjoy what you’re doing. Focus on your music !

Using these meters is only to our benefit, but my motive behind this post is to give my first-hand insight into how while creating music, these visual meters can actually hold us back, rather than listen and adjust as we hear is needed.

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