I Knew Learning Piano for Beatmakers Was Essential for Professional Beats, and I was RIGHT!

I use this exact loop to force myself to practice piano as a beatmaker. It’s helped a lot. All instructions are in the download above.

This is known as a “click-track”, for those more experienced.

When I first discovered beatmaking, I thought I could get away without knowing piano.

Using my MIDI Keyboard, I was moving forward okay..

..Until I couldn’t figure out how to use the white and black notes together in my beats..

No matter what I’d try.. the notes would be out of pitch..

Here’s how I found out the solution..

I was on my driveway and a neighbor walked by that I knew from childhood.. she asked “Hey Riley, how’s it been going?”.

I told her.. “I’ve been learning to make beats, but can’t understand how to use the white and black notes together.. they’re always out of pitch”..

She reminded me she was a piano teacher, and told me I just needed to learn how keys and scales work..

The way she was talking sounded EXACTLY what I was looking for.. she further explained with words like “improvisation”.. and she offered me a few piano lessons (which I paid for!)..

After that first lesson.. my music life was changed forever.

I understood this “key and scale” she talked about!

I knew the notes I was allowed to play..

I learned why you can use certain notes in chords..

And most of all.. I learned..

How to use the white and black notes together!!

What was the answer?!

I reveal this in my Piano Lessons for Producers course..

Piano Lessons for Producers Course - Learn Piano for Beatmaking

Not ready yet?

I can teach you the knowledge that beatmakers need to know on a piano.. but you still need to practice.. this isn’t a “quick fix”.. you will learn what beatmakers need to know and HOW TO PRACTICE piano for results.. just like my neighbor taught me on my first day of piano lessons!

My next email will reveal more about how to play piano for beatmakers and producers.

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