A Proven Solution for Learning How to Play Piano as a Producer.

This video explains my Piano Lessons for Producers course.

I also share my story about learning piano for beatmaking..

In short.. As a child I took some piano lessons..

The lessons didn’t help much..

I mainly learned counting beats and piano notes like C, D, E..

I really struggled to learn improvisation as a producer..

Until I met the neighbor lady on my street..

She broke down keys and scales.. and I realized how it relates to beatmaking..

My music life was changed from that day forward!

In the same way.. I’d love to teach you piano as a beatmaker!

Need more proof of a piano beat?

Listen to my beat called Peace for My Family:

This beat is off my BEAT TAPES By GratuiTous Vol. 10

Just want to follow slow?

Practice with the same piano drum loop I use!

It really helps me learn practice piano for producers!

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