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Marketing Past your Friends and Family

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For what ever reason, we as humans like to share – Especially when we feel we just created the best beat ever!

But if you’ve already learned the hard way.. there’s a fine line between sharing and spam. (Spam: stuff people think is annoying!)

If you’re still pushing your new beats to friends and family to hear.. and you’re thinking this is the way to market yourself, it may be time to look at other alternatives.

These alternatives will provide an easier experience, as well as one that allows you to be more creative without caring what people think!

So how do you get started?

Be Cautious What you Share.

As you continue with your production career, you will learn when and when not to share.

But if you read the post about “How Small Your Music is in the Music Business”, you may be in a bad habit/cycle, which you’re not even aware of.

Marketing and networking takes patience; a lot of it.

It requires days of careful planning, and sometimes you just need a break to step away and come back a with fresh perspective on your situation.

What am I getting here? – Let’s dig in deeper.

The Right Platforms that Work for You.

The trick with an online business is automation. (We will get into marketing past your family/friends.. just bare with me, we’re building up to it!)

Automation is when you work hard up-front to build something so it works automatically for you. In return, this allows you to work on other things, but at the same time, your brand is growing automatically by your hard work you put in the first place!

Marketing Past Friends and Family

You must create a little marketing plan to help you grow for the future.

This is my current automation, and seems to be working great to grow myself as the producer.

It’s a landing page for all my free beat tapes, with a newsletter sign-up on the top. Also, when viewers click on the images of the beat tapes, it takes them to NoiseTrade to hopefully capture emails, and help grow my brand.

Social Media Sites

Social media is great, but on the other hand could be one of the worst inventions of all time. (It causes so many distractions and wasted time.)

In all honesty – social media hasn’t worked well for me regarding marketing.

But there are four platforms which I recommend you sign-up and share your new beats on.

  • SoundCloud – Probably the most popular free music streaming site at the moment? An awesome platform to upload your music, plus gives you a cool music player to embed on your website!
  • Google+ – Surprisingly has performed much better for me than other social sites!
  • Twitter – Twitter is a must for reaching out and sharing your content. Within a matter of seconds you can meet new clients, or business partners. Even if you don’t use social media, it’s nice to have a twitter account, then people can send you a quick tweet to contact you!
  • NoiseTrade – Not a social media site.. but a platform to capture emails. Learn More >>>

And each person’s experience may be different, but I know for myself, I haven’t had the best experiences sharing my music with friends/family – especially since my music is regarding Jesus.

So, here’s three questions before proceeding:

  1. Take a look at your marketing attempts currently. Do you ever receive emails from random fans, other producers, or just anyone commenting about your music?
  2. What platforms do you use to present your music, and is it laid out in an easy-to-find and easy-to-use way?
  3. Do you have any way for people to stay up to date with you?

Preparing yourself BEFORE Marketing

The three questions above can really get you thinking.

Before you start marketing yourself on the internet, you really have to be prepared, and get the basics set up before proceeding.

Otherwise, what I feel happens, you start to grow a little bit, and realize.. “I should of done it this way!”. Or, as you grow, you start to feel cluttered and unorganized on a larger scale.

So if you plan ahead for the long-term, you won’t have to spend valuable time back-tracking, and re-organizing yourself. (Which can lead to other headaches: missing files, finding the time to do so, it’s boring work.)

This is the process which I suggest you take to step away from the circle of family/friend sharing:

  • Upload your favourite beats which represent you best on SoundCloud
  • Create a simple website with your embedded soundcloud player
  • Create a A Newsletter sign-up form
  • And I guess sign-up on various social media sites. (I say I guess to social media sites just because I’m not a big fan of social media. I like contact through email because it’s a private conversation allowing more to be said on a personal level.)

(And I am assuming you already have a brand-name and a producer logo etc. to market yourself. If you don’t, first find out what you want your producer name to be, then create a logo to suite that, and stick with it!)

From here are on out, when you release new beats, upload it to SoundCloud, and write a status update on your social sites with a link to your website.

But stop – here’s a question I’d like to ask you.

If you share that link, and someone comes to listen and they absolutely love what they hear, how can you keep them as a listener to your music?

This is why you have to set up the basics before you can start marketing yourself.

What I have done for myself is created a landing page for my free music. Check it out here.

My intention is this:

– Promote my music.
– Provide a taste teaser of my favourite beats.
– Provide a download link if they like the music.
– Leave a way for the listener to sign-up to my newsletter.

As you can see, I am providing options for the listener.

If the listener liked my music so much, they hopefully sign-up to my newsletter, allowing me to send them an email when ever I’d like – or if I release more free music, which I think they’ll love!

This allows for easier marketing because you have a simple process which does a lot of the work for you.

And regarding marketing – You can try forums, which are hard to see positive results, but I’d say keep practicing your music, and release only your best.

For the past year or two (currently 2014), I have taken the free approach to build my brand – allowing others to have my music on their devices, rather than not paying for my music, and missing my chance to be played on their speakers at all!

I’d also like to mention, creating Beat Tapes allows you to market a larger product, which may be more appealing of a download than just one beat.

Plus a beat tape gives more potential to show what you’re capable of, and not just judge you off that one beat.

Check out some Beat Tape marketing tips here.

Are you sharing your music with the wrong people, at the wrong time? – What steps will you take to change this, and what are you goals to build your brand?

Written by GratuiTous

GratuiTous teaches producers how to use FL Studio, and become well-rounded producers.

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