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Making That Click Sound in House-Electro Kicks

How to Make that Click Sound in Electro House Kicks,

For what ever reason, the click sound in house kicks is CATCHY! But how do you create that sound?

Simple, with some major over compression!

Take the Same Kick, Clone it, Compress it HARD!

So to start off, I will usually find a kick that I think suites the song. After that, I clone it, and apply the over compression to it.

You don’t have to use the same kick, but this just helps keep things consistent, and hopefully sound good throughout the track. But this is where creativity comes in. Maybe take a second kick instead of cloning it! (Or use both, compress the two clicks together, and blend those together?).

Essentially, it’s Parallel Compression.. but to an Extreme,

Pro-C - Super Compressed

What I am showing in this tutorial, is the exact same thing you’d do for parallel, or, new york compression. The only difference is, we’re taking it to another level than just parallel compression. We’re squashing it until there’s no turning back ;).

In parallel compression, you compress quite hard, with quite a low threshold, but the reason you parallel compress, is to get extra beef out of your drums.

Using Two Compressors,

By using two compressors, you are able to get a different sound of click. The more you open up that attack, the louder and longer click you are going to get.

What About in Hip-Hop Drums?

Yes, this technique can still be applied! — Just not to such an extreme.

Yes, take it further than parallel compression, but the trick is to turn down the volume of the kick until it’s just barely noticeable. This will get your kick standing out over any set of speakers, including mobile phones!

Be Creative With It, Like Electro Is!

Try to use maybe 3 compressors, or just keep it at one. Move around the threshold, dial in different amounts of ratio and attack, and overall, experiment!

By using this technique, it will allow any kick in general to cut through your mix.

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