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Making a Website for Beatmakers – Part 8 of 10

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    Welcome to Part 8 of Making a Website for Beatmakers!

    In Part 8, we cover embedding SoundCloud, and what approach you can take (set up a playlist, or embed your whole artist profile). We also talk about Posts vs. Pages, getting organized with Categories, and setting up your Navigation bar (Home, About, Contact, Beatstore etc).

    Embedding SoundCloud on your WordPress Website,

    Now SoundCloud makes this VERY EASY to embed a soundcloud player on your website by using the iframe widget code. Click share on the player, playlist, or artist profile you want to share, copy that widget code, and copy it anywhere on your site!

    Note, with WordPress, you must paste the code into the TEXT tab, not Visual.

    For embedding your player, there are a few avenues you can take. For me personally, I’ve placed my artist profile on my home page. This allows visitors to see my most recent uploads, whether that be a song upload, or a new beat for sale. Next, on my beatstore, I created a special playlist called GratuiTous’ Beatstore. Again, I clicked share, copied the widget code, and placed that on my beatstore. Now, whenever I upload a new beat, I have to add that beat to the playlist (which is very quick and easy to do), and that’s a free beatstore!

    Next, I created another playlist for me as an artist with just my songs. I have placed this on my about me page.

    WordPress Posts Vs. Pages,

    Now, what I like to do is get organized with my website stuff. This saves lots of headaches, and time, down the road.

    I keep my posts and pages separate. An example of a page would be the home page, about me page, contact page, privacy policy, terms and conditions, or a special lead page trying to capture email sign-ups etc.

    An example of posts would be tutorials, press news, collaborations you’ve done with other artists, things you want to share you did that day, or if you want to share your thoughts behind a beat you created. This kind of stuff would be a post, and organized in categories.

    Categories in WordPress,

    Take time out to think about how you want to get organized with your WordPress posts. Remember, there are Parent Categories, and Child Categories.

    The parent would be something like Beatmaking. Now, under Beatmaking, there could be lots of different topics such as Sampling, Original Compositions, Collaborations, Sound Effects, Beatmaking Videos, Chord Progressions etc. — If you want to get really organized, you can put Beatmaking as the Parent, and let’s say you have a category Sound Design. So, Sound Design would be a child underneath the parent Beatmaking. But let’s say you want to put Sound Effects underneath Sound Design. So now, Sound Design would be a parent of the child Sound Effects, but Sound Design would still be a child of Beatmaking. Confusing, but organized right :).

    Take time out to figure out how you want to get organized with your WordPress categories. This is really essential.

    Primary Menu / Navigation Bar,

    Go to your Appearance -> Menus -> and set it up however you’d like! Not all themes use the Menus feature though. If your theme is different, you’re navigation will be determined by the order your pages are in. But thankfully, there is a plugin to organize your pages in the order you’d like, so your navigation bar can be organized the exact way you want it, with a simply click and drag workflow. Check out Simple Page Ordering.

    Next Video’s Overview

    In the next video, Beatstruggles shows how to embed the popular beatstore player called MyFlashStore. Beatstruggles also covers how to create your OWN CSS class (That is a big one), and just overall, you will be shown the skills how to make your website your own, with all these little modifications :).

    To watch the next video, simply click next, or to go back, hit previous. To start from the beginning, click here!

    Written by GratuiTous

    GratuiTous teaches producers how to use FL Studio, and become well-rounded producers.

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