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Making a Website for Beatmakers – Part 6 of 10

Welcome to Part 6 of Making a Website for Beatmakers!

We’ve come a long way so far — I hope you have learned a lot!

If you have been following me from Part. 1, you’re website should now be officially up and running! Now all that is needed is to tweak it with your own touches to give it that little you.

First Look at WordPress,

So we finally logged in! The WordPress Dashboard is a bit overwhelming at first. There’s a lot of different tabs you can select! Posts vs. Pages, Categories, Plugins, Widgets, Settings, etc. However, I tried to go through them quickly to give you a little run down.

Remember, to login to your WordPress site at a later date, you need to remember:

WordPress Dashboard/Back-End Go-Over,


Have a look around the settings of WordPress to get an idea of the flexibility you have been given! And many times if you have an idea you want implemented on your website, but can’t find it on the default WordPress install, I’m sure there is a plugin, or a little Google search will probably show you how it’s done :).

Site Title and Description (General)

Make sure to change your site title, as you’re not Just Another WordPress Site ;). (Even though you are using WordPress!).


Really take note of that permalink setting. does not look as professional, and as high quality as


When first starting up, you’ll probably be installing plugins left and right to find out the ones that you like best! — This is normal :). Take your time out to learn how to use WordPress. Do your backups prior, and you’ll be safe of any big mistakes.

What a great platform though hey?

WordPress Themes,

Another great reason to use WordPress is how easy it is to cross over to other themes. Find a theme you just want to try out? — Change over with minimal breaks in your website! (Most of the time).

Beatstruggles showed in this video how to install a free WordPress theme called Arras. Simply click and drag your theme’s folder into the directory

public_html/wp-content/themes/upload there!

Activating a WordPress Theme,

To activate your WordPress theme, simply login to your admin dasbhoard, go to Appearance, Themes, and click Activate. It really is that easy!

Hunting for a WordPress theme you like is more than half the battle to get your website going. However, if you know a bit of code, such as HTML, CSS, and PHP, you can take these themes, and modify them to your liking.

What’s in the Next Video to Come?!

The next video will contain a bit more advanced stuff. We are now dipping into CSS. I may of rushed this a little bit before showing how to implement a beatstore, however, when we install the beatstore, you’ll be following along great :).

Unsure what CSS is? Well HTML is the text you are reading. CSS allows you to make your website pretty. Look at the Previous Post and Next Post buttons below. On :hover, you will be able to see they change color, and also move down a little bit to give you the effect that they almost feel like a button.

To watch the next video, simply click next, or to go back, hit previous. To start from the beginning, click here!

Reach out with any questions you have, or get started with my FL Studio courses 👉

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