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Making a Website for Beatmakers – Part 5 of 10

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Table of Contents
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    Welcome to pat 5 of Making a Website for Beatmakers!

    In part 5 of this series, Beatstruggles walks you though how to simply install WordPress. Thankfully, the name servers were quite quick to refresh, only being about four hours! Once they refreshed (propagated), going to the website brought up the WordPress install page.

    With all the information we created in our database from Part. 3, we had to fill out the inputs WordPress was asking for. Now, make sure to enter your info exactly how you created it. Website stuff is very finicky, and one misspelled word, or symbol out of place, and things won’t work!

    Backing Up your WordPress Website,

    Now, with the cPanel that is provided with most web hosts, they make it very easy to backup. Just login to cPanel, go to the backup section, and download the backup! Always make sure to backup your database as well. (Your database contains all your posts, comments, etc).

    However, I usually like to learn things manually, in case I have to do it without cPanel down the road. So in the video, I show how I like to backup using the free Filezilla you should of already downloaded, and using pHpMyAdmin (which comes with cPanel). That is the manual way, and in the video I also showed the cPanel way!

    pHpMyAdmin is just a nice looking interface to help you manage your database, rather than having to know intense code, and command line stuff!

    I like to create a new folder each time I backup, and give it a date. I will click and drag the public_html files on my web server, and the exported database file into the folder on my desktop. I will then give it a date, and put it with the rest of the backups! (Also, it’s nice to keep 2+ backups, but maybe delete older backups, as backups can take up space on your hard drive!).

    Setting up Email with cPanel and WordPress that Goes to Gmail!

    Now, having your email with your website name is an awesome perc of websites! However, the email that comes with cPanel isn’t always fun when you’re on-the-go, as you have to login each time to check your email.

    With mobile phones as they are today, we like things quick right? — So if you use Gmail, or any other third-party email service, follow the steps in the video, and you’ll be able to send and receive email as your website’s email address — e.g. info@example.com.

    Yes, the steps should be very similar to other third-party email services other than Gmail!

    The Next Video Goes Over,

    Next, we will now actually login to WordPress, and you will be introduced to what WordPress looks like, how easy it is to add content, plugins, what widgets are, and how to install a WordPress Theme!

    We will also be dipping into some CSS soon, so get ready to learn! 😉

    To watch the next video, simply click next, or to go back, hit previous. To start from the beginning, click here!

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