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Make Drums Stand Out [Boost High-End of EQ]

When we think of drums in production, we usually think we need to boost the low-end, or apply some parallel compression to really fatten them up.

This is true in almost all cases, but sometimes you already have enough low-end to your kick drum. It’s doing a great job on the lows, but what you may really be wanting is for the kick to cut through the mix a bit more. This is where you can jump to the other side of the frequency spectrum!

Simply boost some high-end on your kick drum with either a high-shelf or a bell shaped band, and you’ll really be impressed!

A lot of kick drums have what is known as a click. If this were a real acoustic drum, that’s the sound of the pedal actually hitting the skin of the bass drum. Where as in electronic drums, this could be a layer such as a high-hat tucked in behind the drum itself.

By boosting the highs, you’ll allow that content to shine through more, and suddenly, the low-end of your kick drum becomes more audible too! Weird how that works, hey? 🙂

Bonus tip: As mentioned in the video, instead of boosting up the high-end of a drum with an EQ, you can always layer a high frequency sound such as a high-hat. You can lower this in volume, and you’re essentially doing the same thing as boosting the high-end of an EQ.

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