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Mackie Control Introduction with FL Studio 10

Motorized Faders Inside FL Studio!?

Mackie Control  - Logic Control (6)

Wow, wow, wow!

I’ve been looking for something like this for the longest time!

I’ve had the frustration of having to “manually” map out all my knobs and sliders to get them to what I want them to do.

The awesome thing with the Mackie, is it provides smooth, motorized faders for mixing your volumes. If you mix on something like the Axiom 49 (2nd Gen), you know how manual faders will just never match up to motorized faders.

So is the Mackie all what it looks? Well.. in FL Studio there’s some negatives to talk about.

Does the Mackie Control Work Good with FL Studio?

Mackie Control  - Logic Control (2)

Yes, it does work! — However, if you’ve used FL Studio long enough, I’m sure you’re aware that FL Studio isn’t the greatest with hardware.

By that I mean, auto-mapping, and allowing the controller to do a lot of the work for you just isn’t there. There’s either a lot of setting up with the mouse and generic links, or, even once set up, there’s still a fair amount of using a mouse if you want to use your plugins.

So, overall, yes, it does work great when it comes to the mixer for volume and panning — using the motorized sliders never gets old!

But when it comes to the fine tuning stuff, like using plugins for EQ, compressors, delay etc. A mouse is probably the better route.

The Mackie also allows for some more control on FL Studio’s mixer such as Stereo separation and the EQ on the mixer itself. However, I have found the EQ on the mixer to quite “dampen” my mix.. not proving as good of results as their Parametric EQ 2, or FabFilter’s Pro-Q.

Using Plugins with the Mackie Control,

Plugins with the Mackie, inside FL Studio, has not been fun.

It would be cool if there was a button to open up a plugin off the mixer to work on.. but I haven’t find one yet. Again, if you want to use a plugin, you have to use your mouse to click and open it up, then map out the parameters manually. In a lot of areas, it’s just easier using the mouse.

However, the sliders are tons of fun to mix, and make adjustments with!

(When I picked this thing up from the post office, I had the biggest smile on my face that I could not hide haha, had to wait for about a week and a half for shipping!).

Motorized Fader Mixers/MIDI Controllers in FL Studio,

If you are really sick of using the mouse to mix your volumes, the Mackie Control is great for this route. Also, another option is the BCF2000. Presonus also has an option which is called the Fader Port — but that’s only 1 slider.

I’d recommend either the Mackie Control, or the BCF2000. And obviously, the Mackie Control is definitely better built, and more luxury than the BCF2000, although the BCF will get the job done just as well inside FL Studio!

This is just the beginning,

Mackie Control  - Logic Control (8)

This is just an introduction to the Mackie Control. I would like to put a review out for the Mackie, and hopefully, videos explaining how everything works inside FL Studio. So far, it’s been awesome and has made mixing more fun!

When it comes to the mixer, this thing is phenomenal! It’s really great to hear what you’re doing, rather than click and see what you hear, plus get your hand off that mouse ;).

Also, keep in mind, sometimes using a mouse is just easier when it comes to mixing and plugins.

As for now, if you have any questions about the Mackie, leave them in the comments below!

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