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Mackie Control Introduction with FL Studio 10

Mackie Control - Logic Control (2)

Motorized Faders Inside FL Studio!?

Mackie Control  - Logic Control (6)

Wow, wow, wow!

I’ve been looking for something like this for the longest time!

I’ve had the frustration of having to “manually” map out all my knobs and sliders to get them to what I want them to do.

The awesome thing with the Mackie, is it provides smooth, motorized faders for mixing your volumes. If you mix on something like the Axiom 49 (2nd Gen), you know how manual faders will just never match up to motorized faders.

So is the Mackie all what it looks? Well.. in FL Studio there’s some negatives to talk about.

Does the Mackie Control Work Good with FL Studio?

Mackie Control  - Logic Control (2)

Yes, it does work! — However, if you’ve used FL Studio long enough, I’m sure you’re aware that FL Studio isn’t the greatest with hardware.

By that I mean, auto-mapping, and allowing the controller to do a lot of the work for you just isn’t there. There’s either a lot of setting up with the mouse and generic links, or, even once set up, there’s still a fair amount of using a mouse if you want to use your plugins.

So, overall, yes, it does work great when it comes to the mixer for volume and panning — using the motorized sliders never gets old!

But when it comes to the fine tuning stuff, like using plugins for EQ, compressors, delay etc. A mouse is probably the better route.

The Mackie also allows for some more control on FL Studio’s mixer such as Stereo separation and the EQ on the mixer itself. However, I have found the EQ on the mixer to quite “dampen” my mix.. not proving as good of results as their Parametric EQ 2, or FabFilter’s Pro-Q.

Using Plugins with the Mackie Control,

Plugins with the Mackie, inside FL Studio, has not been fun.

It would be cool if there was a button to open up a plugin off the mixer to work on.. but I haven’t find one yet. Again, if you want to use a plugin, you have to use your mouse to click and open it up, then map out the parameters manually. In a lot of areas, it’s just easier using the mouse.

However, the sliders are tons of fun to mix, and make adjustments with!

(When I picked this thing up from the post office, I had the biggest smile on my face that I could not hide haha, had to wait for about a week and a half for shipping!).

Motorized Fader Mixers/MIDI Controllers in FL Studio,

If you are really sick of using the mouse to mix your volumes, the Mackie Control is great for this route. Also, another option is the BCF2000. Presonus also has an option which is called the Fader Port — but that’s only 1 slider.

I’d recommend either the Mackie Control, or the BCF2000. And obviously, the Mackie Control is definitely better built, and more luxury than the BCF2000, although the BCF will get the job done just as well inside FL Studio!

This is just the beginning,

Mackie Control  - Logic Control (8)

This is just an introduction to the Mackie Control. I would like to put a review out for the Mackie, and hopefully, videos explaining how everything works inside FL Studio. So far, it’s been awesome and has made mixing more fun!

When it comes to the mixer, this thing is phenomenal! It’s really great to hear what you’re doing, rather than click and see what you hear, plus get your hand off that mouse ;).

Also, keep in mind, sometimes using a mouse is just easier when it comes to mixing and plugins.

As for now, if you have any questions about the Mackie, leave them in the comments below!



GratuiTous is an artist and producer for the name of Jesus. He has many FL Studio Courses, and many BEAT TAPES and ALBUMS! In 2020 he became a Recognized FL Studio Trainer, and was previously an electrician for 10 years in Canada! Learn more..

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28 thoughts on “Mackie Control Introduction with FL Studio 10”

  1. Thanks for your videos!

    However, I have a few questions:

    Is yours a “Mackie Control” or “Mackie Control Universel”? You write “Universal” in the newest video, so that has left me confused, as I do believe the “Mackie Control” is the oldest version (you have version 1.02, so I assume you wrote “Universal” by mistake?)

    I’m asking, because I’ve been offered a Mackie Control for a really good price – however, it’s branded with the Steinberg logo (not the Emagic logo like yours is), so I’m wondering how old that one is and if it make any technical difference?

  2. Hi man
    first of all may you be blessed for your work, i just love it!
    much respect for takin’ the next level to FL Studio, it’s really important that somebody will do it.

    my question is – can i use the extender pro versions if i’d like to? does it limited by the number of units can i connect? and how the extender is connecting to the mackie pro, anyway?

    thanks bro
    much love

    1. Hey Ido – Thanks, hope the video helped make up your decision!

      In regards to the extender.. I don’t think FL Studio supports them at this moment! You can find out more info in this forum post:

      I’ve only used the Mackie Control it self, so I can’t give you any info/tips on the extenders of the Mackie!

      Appreciate the comment! – Post around the site if you have any other questions !

    1. Hey great news Wes,

      The master fader should be working! (It’s the far right one, in a separate column!)

      I’ve also received a request to create a video about a run-down regarding how to actually use the Mackie inside FL Studio.

      When I have time available, I’ll make one with what I know regarding it!

  3. Hi there,

    Can you tell me whether this works in FL Studio 11? I am having a nightmare getting the Mackie to work (it is the midi version with the latest fireware). I believe i have setup the input and output correctly in FL Studio, but the unit doesn’t do anything at all.

    Could anyone please tell me EXACTLY what needs to be set in FL Studio for this to work? I have searched topics on the IMage Line website etc and none of the posts or their vague gudie have helped. There seems to be very limited info on this at all on the internet.

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Hey Wes, I will make a specific video showing you how to set this up and post it on YouTube.

      I am using the MIDI version as well, which I don’t think it matters in compared to the USB version of the Mackie Control?

      I plug the TWO MIDI CABLES into the back of my audio interface/Mackie in the INS and OUTS.

      From there, inside FL Studio, go to the settings on your audio interface and select port 102.

      For the time being, I suggest watching the video above, I think I touch on how to set it up.

      Talk soon,

      Riley !

      1. Thank you bro, look forward to the new video!

        Watched the above one, I am actually wondering whether it’s the version of FL Studio I’m running…

        Are you running 11 or 10?


        1. It definitely works on FL Studio 11, that’s what I’m currently using.

          FL Studio 12 Beta is currently out as well – you may want to check that out – lots of cool updates to FL coming!

        2. Hi there,

          Thanks a lot for the video, just watched it… I’m at work at the mo so can’t try this until I’m home..

          However after watching I’ve noticed what I appear to have been doing wrong… It looks like I’ve been plugging the midi cables incorrectly haha. To be fair it’s the first midi device I’ve used though (my excuse). I have been plugging midi in to midi in, and midi out to midi out like a idiot haha.

          I shall try it the other way round soon as I’m home and let you know how it goes!

          Many thanks again for doing this video so quickly 🙂


  4. hi there!

    love your site!

    thinking about buying a mcu pro, and use it in fl studio 11. is that something you would recommend and how has your experience been so far with your mcu?

    thanks !

    1. Hey Chris — Thanks!

      So far, the Mackie works fine with FL Studio with the faders, panning etc. However, if you watched the video, it does have some downfalls inside FL Studio. It doesn’t automatically map to plugins, and I don’t think there is a way to open up plugins off the Mackie itself.

      With that said though, it’s still a lot of fun mixing with the sliders, and taking a step back from the mouse for a moment!

      Riley !

      1. so its primarily functions is the mixxing part but what about all the other buttons on the mcu like the Jog Wheel do they do their job? cause if it only works well with the mixing part i could save a ton of money going with the bcf2000 😉

        1. Yes, the jog wheel works as expected! — I actually use that quite a lot.

          You most definitely can get away with the BCF2000, and it will give you the same features. The only benefits of the Mackie is just higher quality sliders + looks sharper in the studio. 🙂

        2. Thanks. Ended up bying the Icon Qcon Pro.

          Maybe a stupid question, but what option did you choose on the mcu control (blue screen) when you hooked it up in fl studio? I mean you cant choose fl studio but theres cubase, logic etc.

          Thanks 🙂

  5. Would a Mackie Control with version 1.02 software work with Fruity Loops . I don’t think it is a universal as I think they are version 2.x onwards ?

    Thanx in advance

    1. Hi Justine!

      Since I bought my Mackie awhile ago.. I forget some of the research I did on it. However, I’ve included a picture of what version I am using; V 1.02

      I do remember reading that you need a chip in order to upgrade to Version 2.x + — This will allow you to use it within Pro tools. However, mine is only Version 1.02, and it works exactly how FL Studio (Fruity Loops) says it does!

      Also keep in mind, this takes only the OLD MIDI Cables, not modern USB style ;).

      Please let me know if you are confused, and still iffy on the subject Justine.

      Riley !

        1. Hey Najay,

          It doesn’t look like the Mbox Mini 3rd Gen has MIDI connectivity. You can buy a separate MIDI to USB cable, or something similar to do the same job.

          I’d check out this blog post for setting up a Mackie Control Universal.

          The video shows for FL Studio, but should be a similar approach to any DAW ?

  6. Hi there

    I came across your website and found it very interesting and also exciting that fl studio allows a motorized fader to work with.
    Just wondering can I use the mackie as a standalone mixer only. I am using a motu sound interface card already which holds my latency so I just wanted a mixer with automation.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hmm.. Well, yes it can be used for automation, however, I think the Mackie is strictly MIDI. However.. there may be a way to connect it through your MOTU (audio interface), and use the Mackie to adjust live sound..? Please explain in more detail, and I may be able to help! — I think the answer is no to your question though :(.

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