M-Audio Oxygen Pro Template v1 brought you a done-for-you MIDI Keyboard setup in FL Studio.

When I first purchased the M-Audio Oxygen Pro MIDI Keyboard for FL Studio, I was shocked that it was not working as expected..

I was busy writing my SAFE SPOTS Book, so my return window was up, and was stuck with the Oxygen Pro Keyboard!

.. I was not going to be stumped!

I spent hours figuring out the annoying M-Audio Oxygen Pro bugs in FL Studio..

And I did it! I figured them out for a really awesome FL Studio workflow, which you can now take advantage of!

First, I had to create a FREE M-Audio Oxygen Pro MIDI Script to get the transport buttons working normal in FL Studio.

Second, I had to set TEMPO SYNC as EXTERNAL and be in PRESET MODE.

If I were brand-new to music production, this would have been very overwhelming, so I decided to create a Oxygen Pro Template for FL Studio to set this all up for you nice and easy.

M-Audio Oxygen Pro User Preset for FL Studio
M-Audio Oxygen Pro Template for FL Studio
(Premium Oxygen Pro User Preset for FL Studio)