M-Audio Oxygen Pro FL Studio Template v1 – RELEASED

M-Audio Oxygen Pro User Preset for FL Studio

M-Audio Oxygen Pro Template v1 brought you a done-for-you MIDI Keyboard setup in FL Studio.

When I first purchased the M-Audio Oxygen Pro MIDI Keyboard for FL Studio, I was shocked that it was not working as expected..

I was busy writing my SAFE SPOTS Book, so my return window was up, and was stuck with the Oxygen Pro Keyboard!

.. I was not going to be stumped!

I spent hours figuring out the annoying M-Audio Oxygen Pro bugs in FL Studio..

And I did it! I figured them out for a really awesome FL Studio workflow, which you can now take advantage of!

First, I had to create a FREE M-Audio Oxygen Pro MIDI Script to get the transport buttons working normal in FL Studio.

Second, I had to set TEMPO SYNC as EXTERNAL and be in PRESET MODE.

If I were brand-new to music production, this would have been very overwhelming, so I decided to create a Oxygen Pro Template for FL Studio to set this all up for you nice and easy.

M-Audio Oxygen Pro User Preset for FL Studio
M-Audio Oxygen Pro Template for FL Studio
(Premium Oxygen Pro User Preset for FL Studio)

M-Audio Oxygen Pro Resources:

Start with my M-Audio Oxygen Pro Page which includes:

Use this link to see Oxygen Pro Template Updates.

Do you need the premium template? No, but if “just want the keyboard to work”, then it’s the easiest solution. (V2 now offers a really cool drum pad workflow in FL Studio.. V1 also included if you just want normal oxygen pro operation, but want it set up easy).

GratuiTous (Riley Weller) is a Recognized FL Studio Trainer with over 30 Beatmaking Courses. He writes Beatmaking Books, hosts the Music Production Made Simple Podcast, and helps students with FL Studio Lessons. He also makes lots of his own music!

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