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List of Tasks as Independent Producers

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Being an independent producer is a lot of work.

Before reading this, let me know in the comments if you can think of any other tasks we have as independent producers!

In addition to all the hard work we put into our craft (our music), we have to market ourselves, and get our name out there!

Here’s a quick list of tasks that I’ve thought of. If you’re not doing them, maybe it will get you thinking!

  • Creating Our Product
  • Presenting Our Product
  • Building Relationships + Networking
  • Making the Sale – Managing Monies – Record Keeping
  • Balancing Time
  • Being a One Man Show

Creating Our Product

Windows Audio File Image

In order for people to hear our music, we need to create music. It’s as simple as that.

But, what turns a good product into an amazing product is your skillsets and knowledge with what is actually possible with audio production.

Reading about audio production does take a lot of time, and for those who are brand-new, it’s a new world, with new words, and new ways of thinking and techniques which you’ve never even thought of before!

But as you grow, these things become easier, and you start popping out amazing hits very fast.

Presenting our Product

GratuiTous Listening to Product (2)

After you create your music, how can you get it into the ears of your listeners?

This is the hardest part of a music career – getting your music heard, and keeping your fans interested in your brand!

So how do you do it?

Well, you can do something like create a landing page of all your favorite tracks, and give them an option to sign-up to your newsletter. (See my example landing page.)

Share that landing page on your Facebook page and Twitter feeds every once in awhile, and you’ll see your brand start to grow!

On that lead page, make everything very easy to understand – Give a taste test of what your music is cable of (audio demos), a way to download/purchase your music, as well an opportunity for them to stay up to date with you. (Either a Newsletter, or follow you on social networks!)

Build Relationships + Networking

Photo 2014-09-20, 5 28 31 AM

The best thing that can happen to you as an independent producer is a popular figure notices your music, and wants to collaborate!

This can instantly take you from independent to popular!

But be careful at this stage and opportunity. Are you ready for the big leagues?

So always be careful what you share and say on social networks. It is important to maintain a professional look throughout your whole career.

If your music is top-notch, your listeners will do your word-of-mouth advertising for you, and may get you some amazing placements because they can’t stop talking about your awesome music 😉 .

With that said, never burn bridges with your relationships, just learn to say what’s important and avoid extra talk which causes these kinds of fights and discrepancies.

Making the Sale – Managing Monies – Record Keeping

Maybe you don’t care about how well your business is doing, as long as you are getting paid.

Well, that’s fine.. but how do you know if you’re making or losing money?

It’s very important to track your monies each month to have a full understanding of where your company is at that year.

This will then allow you to know exactly how much money you have to market yourself, or buy new equipment to advance your craft.

Balancing Time

Battling Time

Time is the battle we all face. If you work a full-time job, it’s hard to accomplish an album, or find time to sit and be creative.

When you get home from work, your mind is in a totally different place, and you’re not as fresh as if you had the day off and dedicated time to your music.

In addition to time is money – In order to support yourself, you need to make money, which dips into most of our time vastly.

But don’t use this as an excuse, just use it as an amazing story if you make a career out of your music!

Be a One Man Show

Being an independent artist/producer has a lot of benefits.

Mainly because you are the most hands-on you’re ever going to be. Because of this, you make yourself to fully understand your craft to produce the results you want.

You also save money by not hiring someone else for their services, or at least have knowledge on why you want to out-source work. (Save you time).

I had a talk with Humberto from SoundsinHD.com of how being an independent producer/artist (or just owning your own online business) nowadays is very similar to a farmer. They have their crop and animals to look after for their living.

So I hope that list gets you pondering about your craft, and your attempts as an independent artist/producer.

Can you think of any other tasks we as independent artists/producers face?

Written by GratuiTous

GratuiTous teaches producers how to use FL Studio, and become well-rounded producers.

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