8 Hour FL Studio Course.

Learn in-depth by watching on-screen drawing + explanations.

Course Curriculum

  • Producer Mindset
  • How to Use FL Studio
  • Counting Beats (As a Beatmaker)
  • Programming Drum Loops 
  • Music Theory and Piano Chords
  • Playlist and Arrangement
  • How a Mixer Works
  • What is Mastering (Mastering Your Music)
  • Purchasing the Right Sounds
  • How Digital Audio Works

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Excellent course and class. Not sure if I should gone through the whole class in one go but I did because I was so engrossed and engaged. I will be visiting this course a few times for reference.

– Michael Johnson [Skillshare Student]

Extremely well done and put together. All around help for being more creative and having everything fit together and stay organized. Would highly recommend!

– Nick Blaufox [Skillshare Student]


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