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Jesus Loves You

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    Hey guys, this is a picture that was lying around upstairs that hit deep to my heart.

    Life can be quite hard when it comes to time management. Waking up early in the morning, heading to work, it’s hard to fit everything in, and guilt can easily set in for not spending time with the Lord.

    When you make your music, what are you making it for? What is your motive? If it’s for fame and riches, your world will eventually tumble down just like He promises. You may also find this video interesting!

    As for me, I thank God that He has given me purpose in my music. Purpose to teach of Him, and His power to save.

    Before I used to live nothing but a life of sin. My life revolved around smoking weed and video games, leading to absolutely NOWHERE!

    All I can tell you is that Jesus can pull you guys out of your dark like He has mine.

    Anyways, here is this picture that my mom showed me, I found it very powerful, and it actually made me cry! — Enjoy!

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