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Improve at Piano! – Play Over Your Own Drum Loops!

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Free Piano Drum Loops to Practice
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MetroTimer App
Definitely a powerful app to help improve your music skills!

Playing piano over your own drum loops – Something I stumbled upon which has helped my piano game huge!

I first started with the idea of going to Wal-Mart on a hunt for a metronome. I then thought to myself.. there’s gotta be an app for that!


Next thing you know, I downloaded MetroTimer – It’s turned out to be a great app!

I really like the ability to select a time limit, allowing one to play for awhile, focusing just on the music!

Long story short, as I kept practicing with the metronome, I felt improvement in my piano skills as it makes you play on time, and that makes you want to try and fit other notes in before the next beat.

But, as I came back to create beats, I found when trying to create loops, I was practicing for two different types of piano styles; I started feeling a bit restricted when it came to beat time!

So, with the option to set a time limit of how long you want MetroTimer to play, a lightbulb came on in my mind, and I thought of creating my own drum loop for that time limit, allowing me to practice in a real world example!

FREE Piano Drum Loops to Practice!

I have released some of my personal drum loops which I use to practice with!

Recommendations on this Piano Tip,

Create a few different loops with different time lengths. E.g. – One at 10 minutes, one at 5 minutes, one at 2 minutes.

This will allow you to have lots of variety when playing piano, plus on the days you don’t have 10 minutes, you can maybe fit in a 2 minute session!

Hope this tip helps!

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