I used to use Toxic Biohazard a lot on FL studio, it was my “Go To VST”. At the time, it served me very well, Introducing me to the whole new world of DAWs and VSTi’s. It really got me getting used to controlling the knobs and learning what the knobs were for/what they did. (What the Attack knob is, the Decay Knob, Sustain Knob, and Release Knob etc).

Toxic Biohazard is really cool because you can make your own sound totally from scratch, and are able to totally change your sound from what they have given you. With the oscillators provided, you have total control of changing what you want your sound to sound like by chaning what the wave forms look like. So this was very good practice when I was very new.

Toxic Biohazard

I would recommend this VST because for me, it helped me learn tons. Learning how a VST works, what everything does. At first it seems overwhelming, but it’s not as intense as you think. The sad thing is it doesn’t come with the Signature bundle of Fruity Loops, you have to buy it separately.

FL Studio really got me started good as a beginner and being totally new to all this music stuff and the terminology. At first it is hard to understand, but you gotta keep reading and reading, and eventually like anything else in life, you will get it, and the language of music will just become natural.


Now that I have been able to compare Toxic Biohazard to other VSTs, it feels like something is holding Toxic Biohazard back. For just starting out though, Toxic Biohazard is awesome! It does have tons of dance-synthy sounds, lots of basses, pianos. But comparing it to other VSTs like Nexus 2, I feel the audio quality just isn’t as rich and warm.

Check out Toxic Biohazard at Image-Line’s store!