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How To Use FL Studio’s Step Sequencer

How Do I Get Started Using FL Studio?

How To Use FL Studio's Step Sequencer

The step sequencer is where it all starts inside FL Studio. By using the step sequencer, you build patterns that will eventually build your song. Once you have enough patterns, you can now arrange these in the playlist!

FL Studio’s step sequencer is created off of old hardware gear. If you YouTube videos about the Roland TR-808, and the like, you will see that the step sequencer keeps the track in beat, in sync, on tempo, how ever you’d like to say it.

So, if you set it for 4, that’s 4 beats, 8, that’s 8 beats. This allows for more variation within your drum loop.

So, How Does a Step Sequencer Work?

Step Sequencer - Yellow Dash

At the bottom of FL Studio’s step sequencer, there is a yellow dash that goes from left to right. As it goes left to right, the yellow dash will play what you have clicked in.

This is how you can build cool drum loops, and create different patterns. If you create different patterns, you will add these to a playlist, where you can eventually start buildling your song.

So in other words, you make a bunch of different patterns, and this is how you can arrange the song. You do this by taking out a pattern to let it sound a bit emptier (This would be good for a verse), then add in all your patterns, or a different pattern that changes for the chorus!

Quick Run-Down of FL Studio’s Step Sequencer,

Use the pattern to click in a beat. Put each pattern into the playlist, and continue to build the song with the patterns by arranging them.

How to Add Cool Effects Onto Sounds?

This comes by routing your sound to the mixer. Read more about FL Studio’s Mixer!

Reach out with any questions you have, or get started with my FL Studio courses 👉

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