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How To Set Up The Korg PadKontrol With The FPC In Fruity Loops

Set up Korg Pad Kontrol in FL Studio,

Korg PadKontrol Front

Honestly, the Korg padKONTROL was quite a learning curve when I first purchased it.

Overall, the Korg padKONTROL is great, but the set up definitely wasn’t. I had to figure out the best way to set it up, and get a good workflow with it.

I eventually did figure out a decent way to set up the Korg padKONTROL within FL Studio, it was by using the FPC and setting up the padKONTROL’s pads to line up with the FPC’s.

I Did All the Reading For You,

Korg PadKontrol Desk Back

So, thankfully for you, I’ve done all the research in order to get your Korg padKONTROL set up and runing smoothly.

There are 2 videos here: The first one is showing you guys how to set up the Korg padKONTROL, the second is how to use the Korg padKONTROL to give you guys an idea of how to use the Korg padKONTROL while making a beat!

Also, I am now aware that FL Studio has allowed the Korg padKONTROL to be a DJ MIDI Controller. I will try to look into some info on that, as it seems interesting, and I have the product! ๐Ÿ˜‰

How to use Korg PadKontrol in FL Studio

So again, here’s a video regarding actually using the Korg padKONTROL.

A real nice technique to using the FPC with the padKONTROL is that you are able to layer your sounds, getting a real nice crunch to your sounds, making them fuller!



GratuiTous runs a FL Studio training platform, and has taught beatmaking with FL Studio since 2011! He was an electrician for 10 years in Canada, and loves learning best practices of beatmaking! Learn about GratuiTous. ๐Ÿ‘‰
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